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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick review and some wip notes.

So have you ever had a book that no matter how hard you try you just can't finish it? That's how Warrior Coven was for me. I've been trying to read it since January and usually get about 3 pages in before i put it down again. In the mean time I have been mixing in other books to have some thing to actually read. I finished Dawn of War II that was a really good read. It went pretty fast and was fun to read. I actually felt the need to finish it. Then I threw in the Blood Angles omnibus which is an exceptional read. I just made it to part 2 and have only been reading it for about a week now. But amongst all these I threw in The deathly Hallows, just trying to catch up on my harry potter with the new flicks out. But amongst it all I finally sat down last night and forced myself to finish Warrior Coven....what can I say...I hated it, nothing got clarified from warrior brood and nothing got clarified from warrior coven. It just ends and yet agian I feel myself wondering where did those 4 hours go. Anyway enoough of the book reviews I'll have more later as I have the new DA book coming as well as Salamandeders the newest Ultramine story line book and heroes of Ultramar. I may need to go check the shelves and see if I don't have something else I haven't read waiting in the wings. With my Boston trip coming up in 4 days i'm gonna need something for the trip.
On to the other news. I bought DoW2 since it was on sale for 25$. It plays very well and I enjoy it. The good thing though is it has really boosted my wanting to build and play levels. So I broke out all my nids and have started building a solid list and setting aside what I have and building a what I need list. I also put the old Hive Tyrant I bought in some power disolver. It's been in the gel for 2 days now and i'm gonna see what comes off in a few hours. I'll post some pics of it ASAP.
Lastly since im relatively new to nids and still looking for a happy medium as well as some modelling ideas (I don't like just looking standard) does anyone know of some good nid sites or do you have a nid site? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also Lach and I are still looking for some more people to get some games in with in the Tuscaloosa area or surrounding area. Drop me a line and we will see what we can do.
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