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Monday, January 12, 2009

Help and Complaints.

OK lets lead this 3fold post off with a quick book report. I just finished Brothers of the Snake, and well WOW definitely a 5 star read. Abnett really captured Space Marines in that book, I laughed I cried (not really) but I was saddened several times and I ducked for cover. It totally made up for the 1 star Deathwing which I only give 1 star because it had 2 ok DA stories in it. I also finished Angels of Darkness just before Brothers and that was a good 4 star. Truly made me want to be the Fallen even more. But if you want a good read and you haven't read it already, Brothers of the Snake is great.
Next let me say I hate EBAY, I have lost my last 3 auctions in as ebay customer support put it NANO seconds. Which is attributed to the fun ebay snipe programs. Which I asked Ebay about and they would only say, "we're sorry we do know about these programs hacking our system, but, we aren't going to do anything about it." I was Especially pissed last night when I lost what would have been my new nids army in a Nano second. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been a measly dollar over me. No it was a nice 18.64 over me which shouldn't even be possilbe. And there were no bids above me just this great new 18.64 over mine that appeared as the 1 second marker went away. Stupid Ebay. Ok off that soapbox.
Finally if you have made it this far, I need some help from the Nid players, I am looking at making another army and it will be a Nid army. I want to do Only rendering claws and scything talons. No guns other than maybe a few bios and some zoanthropes. But those would be later. I just want a nice swarm around 2000 points. I'm thinking Genestealers, Flyrant, walking tyrant 2 fexes, 1 or 2 lichtors, some tyrant guard for the walker, and maybe some ravenors and the rippers. That's it no guns just pure melee death, if they make it. I like the nids and i like the horde army type, I really want these guys to just be basically (aliens) like the movies no guns just claws and teeth. Anyway what I need help with since I don't have a dex (thanks local hobby store) is from you nid players will this idea even work? I know its a super challenge but thats why I like it. I know I'm only using stealers but I dont know if there is a c/c gaunt style better than the stealers. But I just wanted some ideas on a good setup and if what I have listed is reasonable around the 2k point area. I may lower to 1500 or just add the zoans and bio's to push 2k. Anyway any nid help is greatly appreciated. Oh and should you have a nid army laying around you want to sell, hollar I may be interested. STUPID EBAY!!!

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Anonymous said...

controversial perhaps, but for the older codex's that aren't even available on the GW website anymore, I have found them in pdf format on rapidlibrary. I know that the nids are there as well

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