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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giveaway 2 Winner!

Just did the drawing, all I did was take the 14 entries and each got a number 1 - 14. Then I went to a random number generator at random.org and put in 1 -14 and Viola! WE HAVE A WINNER. It was #9 Meatball, congratulations, you have 48 hours to email your specifics so I can get your prize ready to mail. You can get to my email from my profile. Thanks again to everyone who participated, I have a few things left that will go up in another giveaway soon so stay tuned. Also I think I may get back into my DA again. Thanks again everyone who participated.

More to come

1 comment:

Meatball said...

WOW, this is very cool. I just sent you an email with my info. It will be from jackal at lglogan.com.

Thank you for having the giveaway, this was very cool.

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