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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to the real world

Well the vacation is over. I wish it wasn't I love the house of the mouse so much, we had so much fun, minus the one night of extreme intoxication where...well let's just say I don't remember a whole lot of it. Coming back to the real world sucked but it had to be done. I logged on yesterday to check the sites and what can I say...I missed a lot. So I was trying to back log and was gonna post comments and all like usual but there is just to much. SO..........EVERYONE DID GREAT..WOW GREAT LOOKING MODELS..SUPER WORK..GREAT JOB..KEEP IT UP...AWESOME STORY..CONGRATS ON THE WIN...THAT LOOKS LIKE A GREAT LIST..AWESOME BIKE RON...DOGS IN THE IMP. GUARD WOW...COOL STORIES...SWEET BATTLE REPORT...JAWABALLS!!!!! WOW nuff said....AWESOME BELIAL....SWEET APOTHECARY TERMINATOR....and lastly (if i missed a kudo shout out, I apologize, there are so many, 11 days puts you way behind.) LACH, I HAVE A FEELING I AM IN TROUBLE, CONGRATS ON THE ANNIVERSARY AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU GOT SOME SWEET LOOT, HOPEFULLY BRIT DIDN'T JUST GET SOME PJ'S (lol).
with all that out of the way, I heard from Ron my prize form the basing contest is coming soon. I got my dice WOOT awesome. I think I may try and get a hold of chessex and get some in black and green for my DA. I also got two awesome silver dice from the misses. I will be starting my terminators and the land raiders ASAP since March is only 2 weeks away. I also finally got my order in from Cali. and am now working on a list for my new army. I will be making a list then building this time. But the new army will be my NID army, Tooth and Claw. Expect some posts about a possible army list soon. Plus I should have some more terminator pics. and stuff up in the next week or so. That's about it as of right now. I'll be individually posting again on all your posts starting again tomorrow or the day after most likely.
One last note. I finished The Killing Ground, the 4th part of the Ultramarines story. It was a pretty good read Dead Sky, Black Sun was better but Killing Ground wrapped it up nicely. I also finished book 1 of 2 of the Deathwatch series by C.S. Goto, Warror Brood was a good read and ended nicely, but left me wondering what just happened to a lot of characters. So I started part 2 Warrior Coven and it hasn't explained anything or picked up with any of where we left off. So I am currently disappointed with it but I will keep reading and hopefully get some clarification about what happened between the 2 books.

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