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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry for the absence...

I know I've been away for a minute but well, got back from vacation as I said earlier posting. However a day after I got back I got seriously seriously ill, (ear infection and sinus infection ill.) was down for a few days and didn't really accomplish anything 40k wise or anything else wise. I was gonna play a game or two with Lach but that didn't happen either. I finally got up and around again a few days ago, and played a game with my 2000 point list. This is the list I will hopefully be using for the exterminatus. Which means I have some painting work to do and quickly. The game as Lach wrote ended in a tie but I think the army did pretty well for itself. So I was gonna throw it out and see if you out there would throw me a pointer or two.
My original list was 5 term squads and 2 LR's one normal and one crusader. I scrapped that and went with another idea that gave me more options and some movers. Here's the new list.

__1-Belial w/lightning claws
Int. Chaplain (standard)
Standard bearer
Sgt w/power weapon and storm bolter
2x terminators with lightning claws
__2-Terminator squad__
Sgt Power weapon and storm bolter
4 terminators one w/assault cannon. 1/chain fist
__3-Terminator squad __
Sgt Power weapon and storm bolter
4 Terminators one w/chain fist
__4-5 Man troop squad__
Sgt with plasma pistol and power weapon
4 Standard marines one w/melta gun
Razorback w/hvy bolter
__5-10 man devastator__
2 lascannons and 2 plasma cannons
6 standard marines
(split into combat squads)
__6- 10 man assault squad __
Sgt with power weapon and plasma pistol
2 marines with plasma pistol
7 assault marines pistol and chain sword
__7-6 Bikes__
Sgt with power weapon and plasma pistol
2 melta guns
3 reg bikers

That's my list at 2000 points The terminators move forward or deep strike the razorback team stays inside and moves to objectives and uses the razor as cover. The bikers stay back and zoom up to (fritz, LoL) grab objectives in the last minutes. The assault marines zoom around getting into c/c or sacrifice to stop fast movers. The dev team splits into 5/5 one las and plas in each and stand back and shoots down cover fire and takes out tanks (hopefully, as the las cannons in the last game missed every time.)
So what do you think. I have everything except 2 term squads 5 bikes and the razorback finished. I should be able to accomplish that by the 14th. I was debating dropping the razorback team for a Ven. dread. or maybe working them to try and fit in a speeder but I would have to paint that up too. Any advice is great I know it's short notice and all, and well this will be my first big tourny that wasn't run at a local store with people I knew. I kinda wanna do semi good or at least just not get my ass handed to me every round.
Oh I also gotta get my display board done. Which I bought a 11x7 picture frame I'm gonna pull the glass form and do a quick board.

Thanks ahead of time,

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RonSaikowski said...

My only experience is with Termies and bikes... no regular squads.
I like the bikes even though they aren't scoring (unless you take Sammael I think) because they are fast and can realy cause problems. You can also deep strike off of their homers too.

I'm not that good at making lists so I don't know how the mix of squads will do. I suspect with the mobility you have between the bikes, Razorback and assault squad, you should be ok.

5th edition is all about moving around for me. With enough terrain, static enemy units can be left alone and not worried about. If all your guys are mobile, you have a huge advantage.

I used to run 2 LRCs with my Templars and that can be tons of fun. You can put regular squads inside them too. It's just as fun to pile out with 15 guys after rushing in and shooting up the place.

Whatever you end up, I would try to get a game or two in before the big event so you can get a feel for the army at work.

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