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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Almost tourny time...

So the tournament is next week and I was behind on some painting so I strapped on the painting cap and settled in for 2 days of work. Well more like 12 hours, 6 or so each day. Anyway I got all the models I needed to be built finished. Then I primed everything. Day one I did the bike squad. Day 2, I finished off the bike riders and did the two new squad terminator sergeants. Anyway I know I haven't posted pics. in a while but here's the newest stuff. I'll try and get some better bike squad shots. I'm tired so I'm not in the mod to do photo work, that and my hands, fingers, neck and back all hurt at the moment. All I have left to finish now is 6 terminators ( thankfully they are green and not black.) and the Rhino. Then my army will be ready for the 14th. I'm gonna be working on a fluff story for the tourney and will be naming everyone tonight. Anyway here's the new stuff.
Comments are always appreciated.
Sgt 1
Sgt 2
the bike squad

1 comment:

AoM said...

limiting your pics to 3" x 2" will really help the models look better. pics that large make everything look like crap, even demon winners.

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