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Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I haven't slept in almost 2 days now...but I have finished the army off well 2k points of it and have my board ready for the exterminatus. Me and Lach are heading off tomorrow for some jolly fun at the 40k tourny. It'll probably be my funeral but I'm still psyched. Really looking forward to the doubles tournament this evening. Anyway I took some quick shots of the stuff. Sorry there not my best photos but I'm tired and I didn't have anything really big and white to put behind the board. 1 of the shots may be a little blurry or maybe its just me not really sure. Anyway here they are
Straight on
Top down 48 models and a tank
left side
right side
.Tagged and Bagged.
P.S. Ill be sporting the ftw dice at the tourny maybe they'll bring me luck. Oh and Lach and I have a club now. The lady running the event sent me an email asking what the name of our club was. So in an attempt to be funy I thought since it's just me and lach playing each other every time, we'll be the "Lonerangers" (from Airheads-"you can't pluralize the loneranger.") Well she didn't get the joke but now we are officially members of the Lonerangers gaming club.

P.S. After looking at these I realized they are all blurry, I really need some sleep. So sorry and I'll get you some good ones from the tournament.


jabberjabber said...

Hi Matt & Lach:
good luck at the tournament! Let us know how it all goes!

sovietspace said...

Yeah, the photos aren't the best :P
But I can forgive you for needing sleep!

Best of luck at the tourni, take some heads for the Lion and all the other Angels out there!

Siph_Horridus said...

Matt and Lach, Lonerangers both of you. Best of luck, may all your dice rolls be FtW's (except Ld rolls).

Matt said...

Thanks for the kind words. Again i'm sorry for the shots. After 5 hours of sleep I awoke and looked at the pics again. SIGH... I promise better ones as well as some tourny pics.
More in a few days..

Farske said...

Very Nice.
I cant wait till my army gets to stand proud and tall on a gleaming landscape too!

Looking forward to the next instalment of pictures.

Good luck at the tourny, "The Lion be with you"

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