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Monday, March 8, 2010

A new army...

Nope this isn't part 6, and no it's not a new tyranid list. Yes I'm still playing my marines and my Nids but I've seen a lot of Tau stuff on the threads lately. With that in mind I go back 5 years and remember when I first read Fire warrior. I loved that book and fell in love with the Tau. I always wanted to build an army but I tend to play more of an assault game than a shoot game. But with all the recent Tau talk (mostly Old Shatter Hands site, I'm gonna blame you when I tell the wife I'm building another army.) I have decided it's time to put this one together. Side notes before the list starts, Hive Fleet "NEX" won the name it poll and well that's what I wanted to use anyway so they are in the works. Expect more on them to come. I'm gonna get the new Ven dread and battle missions at some point. Still waiting on the exacts of the new BA before I jump on that boat, maybe I'll just wait for the new DA whenever that happens. Part 6 of the BRB review is still being worked up, Vehicles is so loooong. And I have built a 8 part progressive campaign for me and JC and Lach to play over the next few months. More to come on that. Anyway to the point of this post here is my Tau list. I have it pretty secure through 1750 its the last push to 2k that's getting me. So I have some options and I'm looking for a little help finalizing that option.
Here goes.

HQ-Shasel-Plas. rifle, missile pod, target array, Hard wire multi tracker, hard wire drone controler, hard wire black sun filter, 2 shield drones.
HQ-Shasel-plas. rifle, cyclic Ion blaster, tar. array, head wire multi tracker, hard wire drone controller, hard wire black sun filter, 2 shield drones.

Elite- 3x XV8's-Twin link missile pods, flamer, team leader, Hard wire drone controller, 2 shield drones.
Elite- 3x XB8's plasma rifle, missile pod, target array, team leader, HWdrone controller, HW multitracker, HWblack sun filter, 2 shield drones

Troops- 3x 6man fire warrior squads in Devilfish with Multitracker, Disruption pod, flachete.

Fast- 2x Piranha-fusion blaster, target array, flachete, black sun filter

Hvy- 2x Broadsides-Team leader, Advanced stab. syster, HWdone controller, HWblack sun filter, 2 shield drones.

Hvy- Hammerhead-Railgun, flachete, Dis. pod, HWblack sun filter, Multi tracker, burst cannon.

Total is 1642 points. Question do you have to buy drone controllers for Suits or do you get two with a suit? I am assuming you have to have the controller but I see lists where people have drones but aren't listing the controller.

here's my options for pushing to 2000.
1-Add another identical broadside to make 3 another hammerhead for 2 and another piranha for a sq. of 3. Plus 1 extra floating firewarrior or target lock for the broadsides. Total 1997
2-add another piranha, another 6 man filled devil fish, 1 floating fire warrior and target lock for the broadsides. Total 1992
3-add Piranah, another broadside, A bodyguard for the lead shasel, stim kit for wach of the shasels and 1 floating fire warrior and target lock for broadsides. total 1999
4- Add another piranha, another broadside, and 3x XV8's-missile pod, plasma rifle, target array, team leader, HWdc, HWmt, HWbsf, 2 drones, plus 1 floating fire warrior and target lock to the braodsides. Total 1998.

or scrap that and get some stealth suits which I think are cool but no one talks about, pathfinders again no one talks about, sniper drones are cool but my heavy spots are filled, should I even get stealth suits? Option 1 and 2 seem the most viable but I like 4 too. Also I'm taking it per the book that if the team leader has the device IE multi tracker that enables the whole squad to multi target different things. Is this correct or does each suit need a tracker? Which I can't do cause only the leader can take the extra stuff.

As always thanks again for reading. Any help with this is greatly appreciated, comments, critiques, etc. And lastly the color scheme for the nids is black just like the aliens form the movie Aliens, black with silverish (probably mithril) claws and teeth then dipped for shine with dark blue highlights. The Tau I'm debating a Lava scheme or Snow, I see a lot of snow so I'm leaning more towards Lava but that's a whole new direction and jump in skill level for me, they may have to be commissioned off.
That's it for now more later.


Sytus said...

Hope the army goes well-Also that i the CUTEST FIRE WARRIOR EVAR at the top of the post.

Good Luck!

Warhammer39999 said...

I wish I could help with your Tau questions, but they're an enigma to me.

Your 'nid scheme sounds cool though--hopefully you find a way to make them slimey like the movies as well. :)

Matt said...

Sytus-Yeah hes cute, wish he was mine but i stole him form net land.

39999-Thanks, and yes I've got the slime idea down especially after seeing it used already today, YAY! for cheap hot glue guns.

sonsoftaurus said...

As for the stealth suits, love 'em. I've even had some limited success with just running stealth suits, no crisis suits.

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