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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PART 5.....43-55

Well here is the 5th installment, and it may be the last one. We've made it up to vehicles after this installment and its just a huge amount of work, that would almost involve just rewriting the BRB onto the blog. I'm still looking at it and seeing what I can do. I may just go over it really briefly and throw a few of the really high points out. Who knows. Either way I'm done with my actual notes, so my actual work is done. I think I've gained a much better grasp of the rules thanks to this little project. Anyway, without further ado here is part 5.

pg43- Morale- Insane Heroism- A roll of double 1's (snake eyes) on 2D6 indicates the unit has automatically passed its morale check regardless of modifiers.

pg44- Taking Morale Checks- Here's 3 reasons you have to take morale checks. 1)A unit loses 25% or more of its models during any phase other than assault. 2)Tank Shock. 3)Losing an Assault. If you lose an assault (close combat) you take a morale check and you also suffer a minus (-) 1 to your leadership for each wound your side has lost the combat by.

pg44- No Retreat- Fearless units or units with special rules may not have to take morale checks. If t a unit never falls back then their unit suffers a number of wounds equal to the number their side has lost the combat by. All types of saves other than cover can be taken against these wounds.

pg45- Fall Back- 2d6 is the normal fall back distance for units. Fall Back is slowed by difficult terrain, it is affected by dangerous terrain. If any unit in a falling back unit comes into contact with a table edge the unit is removed from the table.

pg45- Trapped- If a unit cannot perform a Fall Back move in any direction without doubling back, it is destroyed.

pg46- Regrouping- Units may not take there regroup test if, 1)The unit is below half strength. 2)There are enemies within 6". 3)The unit is not in coherency.

pg47- Characters As Leaders- Units use the highest leadership value within the unit for their leadership tests. Remember this if you throw a leader model or Independent character(IC) into a low leadership unit.

pg47- Moving Independent Characters- All IC have the move through cover and skilled rider special rules.

pg48-49- These two pages are full of rules and fun things that involve IC's, Areas of note Shooting and being Shot at on page 49 as well as IC's in a unit assaulting a unit.

pg50- Perils of The Warp- If the result of a psychic test is a double 1 or a double 6a peril of the warp occurs. The psycher suffers 1 wound with no cover or armour save allowed, inv. saves can be taken. On a roll of double 1 the psychic attack still occurs but you still suffer the wound.

pg51- Monstrous Creatures- Movement- All MC's have the move through cover special rule. All MC's have the relentless special rule in regards to shooting. They may also fire two weapons a shooting phase. In assault all wounds caused by a MC are ignore armour saves like power weapons. You also roll an additional D6 for armour penetration against vehicles in C/C.

pg52- Jump Infantry- Movement- Jump Infantry can use their JUMP ability to move up to 12" in the movement phase. They may also just move normally up to 6". Jump Infantry that moves into or out of difficult, dangerous, or impassable terrain treat it as dangerous terrain and must take the test. Jump Infantry can land on top of impassable terrain if the area can physically hold all the models in the unit. All jump infantry models have the deep strike special rule. All jump infantry fall back 3D6.

pg53- Bikes- All bike riders benefit from a plus (+) 1 to their Toughness for being mounted on a bike. Bikes can move up to 12" in the movement phase and are not slowed by difficult terrain. They treat difficult terrain as dangerous terrain and must test for each member moving into through or out of the terrain. Bikes also have the Turbo Boost special rule. Bikes fall back 3D6.

pg54- Beasts and Cavalry- All beast and cavalry models have the fleet special rule and may move up to 12" in their assault move. If assaulting through cover they double the highest result of their highest scoring dice for distance moved.

pg 55- Artillery- Artillery Gun models have an armour value of 10. Any glances or penetrating hits will destroy the gun outright. If all the crewmen for a artillery piece are killed the gun is immediately removed. Any crewmen within 2" of the gun may fire the gun. When shooting at an artillery model roll for each hit inflicted on the unit. On a 1-4 the weapon is hit. On a 5-6 a crew member is hit. If a Artillery unit has to fall back after losing a C/C and the enemy is free to sweeping advance the artillery unit automatically loses the initiative roll and is swept off the table. Such is the price for having the biggest guns.

That's it for 5, like I said it may or may not be the last installment. I'll cross that road here soon. Anyway as always hope this helped out someone or just sparked a light bulb. Comments, questions, critiques are always welcome, unless your gonna post as anonymous, at least throw your name out if your gonna critique someone. Thanks again for reading and even if there is no part 6 there will be more 40k coming from me in the future. I've built my first Tau list and will be in need of some fishy guidance, Ive also got a few models that I'm working on that should have pics. coming soon.
More later

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