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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and I'm back in the game

So, I finished reading the first Gaunt's Ghost's omni. and it got me itching again. So i pulled out a few boxes and started building. I now have 2 of three baneblades built (well a blade a hellhammer and the stormsword is in progress I ran out of glue. Pics to be posted soon.) That was a huge build event and I am sort of tired of building at the moment my fingers are glued, cut, and sore, but I'm not stopping. Had Lach and our newest player JC over on Monday and we got a few games in. I won the first tied my 2nd against JC who we were teaching the game too and was utterly tabled and destroyed in my third, thanks for hosing me Lach (note to all- Don't put a dreadnought in the middle of the field with no cover and then expect him to survive 40 shots from gauss weapons.) Anyway I'm back in the game mode and have started looking at tournaments to go too. We were thinking maybe BOLSCON or the exterminatus again but we haven't seen anything from the exterminatus ppl on the web yet. I'm anxiously awaiting my nid codex and I'm super excited about starting my nid army. Still working on my marines but there sort of back burner atm. Anyway as promised pics of the 3 super heavies coming and more from me as I get back into gear.

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