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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tyranid 2k test game 1

So I finished my first game with the new nids, all proxied by cowboys and indians plastic toys. HMMMM what can I say I'm so so at the moment. I think I miss the old codex but I really like some stuff from the new codex.
First off the results. No long battle report here lets just say it was going very very bad for me, bad dice rolls, I forgot the ap rules (i'm to used to marines) so when my lictor and genestealers started instantly dying without saves to ap4 and ap 5 guns I was like wtf. I had a few moments of stupidity but I did manage to pull off a few things. Final result was a win due to phase, thank god I remembered he phased or it would have been a loss on kill points 7 him 3 me it was an anhil. match. I found myself getting angry which is odd cause I usually don't get angry during the game, but not knowing the new nids and having to look up rules and generally playing with a whole new army I don't totally know it got rather frustrating. But it was a win at but not a great victorious win. This was a humbling game to say the least.
Here's the list I am using atm, I may be making some changes. O.K. before ppl go off and say WHAT ARE YOU STUPID....my list is based around a theme. ENTER Hive Fleet Dentis Nail, basically hive fleet tooth and nail. My army has no real shooting at all minus a few things that just come with models. I am solely doing claws, teeth, talons, and fangs. It's just to me more of what giant bugs in space would be also it's more ALIENS to me which is what I'm going for. Anyway here's my list without a lot of detail, I think I have adrenal glands on just about everything.
Tyrant with 2+ not wings.
2x 5 man Warriors. (1 set in a spore pod the other in reserve arriving through tunnels.)
2x 10 man Genestealers. Coming in on the flanks (I didn't do 1 unit in this game and they decided to assault a monolith which was just dumb I couldn't hurt it at all and they just got shot to death.)
Carni in pod (Got run down by the Deciever Morale checks will hurt you when you have a super wound model who has to roll leadership tests at a minus 3 or 4 cause he took that many wounds.)
Carni in pod with crushing claws.
Trygon Prime (love it)
then with the left over I had two options 14 Horms with adrenal and toxin or a tyrant guard and an extra spore for my 2nd warriors. I took the gaunts and ran them with the tyrant. Which worked cause she took a ton of shots but never a wound. the Horms. just ran in and assaulted as fast as they could and finally got killed off. they were just fodder anyways. All in all I like the list for theme but I don't see it winning a ton unless I can get into you and hurt you fast. The ap rules killed me since saves were negated big time. But the high toughness of some of em kept me just taking wounds instead of dying outright. I think I may pull a Carni and go 2x Trygons one prime one normal. But it's still all in play test.
Again it was a good game and the list we put together for Lachs necs (that he tweaked) is gonna be sweet I think we have a winner no I aint sharing it that's his baby (but let me just say they may be outdated but I found out today they are mean and evil regardless some of there outdatedness has given them a huge benefit.) If he hadn't given me the window I wouldn't have jumped through for the phase out he had me. Luckily I got the phase, a win but boy at a cost (side note why has winning become so important, we had a long talk about this, were testing lists for tourny but it's just wierd it's almost like was I playing to have fun or just win? anyway that's another story.) Any helpful ideas from the nid guys out there would be greatly appreciated. But let me just say NO I really don't want to put in guns I like my theme and really wanna keep it the way it is. I think I have potential just gotta find my list and get into assault faster with things I can hurt not just Monoliths.
PS the C'tan gods OMG man all I can say is OMG....
more later
PSS Is it wierd to anyone other than me that a MONSTEROUS CREATURE can be run down. I mean c'mon it's a MONSTER.

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Lach said...

It was run down by another Monstrous Creature though lol :).

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