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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why have 2 when you can have 7

So I decided to build some more today and did a little prime work but ran out of spray so stopped short but its all good cause i got conversion happy too. Anyway what started as 2 dreads
1 regular and 1 venerable see below...

2 new regulars from the blackreach kit with meltas and power fists. And 1 soon to be ancient and venerable original dread (he's so tiny.) he comes with a power fist and a converted assault cannon arm.
next up...
the newest Venerable with multiple load outs, converted to stand higher and is wielding a autocannon/heavy bolter arm and a powerclaw w/flamer arm. See other loadouts below.
and the newest behemoth of the bunch.
the Ironclad, when i think Ironclad I think big mean I come out and destroy everything. He's converted to be a quad walker. he's wielding a seismic hammer with melta. A c/c power claw arm with Melta attachment and blade (he can only have the 1 melta but it's just for looks and meaness factor.) he's been heightened and tweaked. He's got a ton of armor pieces and ribbons badges, scrolls etc. that I haven't finished, well even started working on yet. so he looks kinda brittle and naked-ish but when they get done he'll be a mean son of a gun, I hope. I love him though so that's what counts.
Here's the optional weapon loads for the ironclad and the new ven. Hurricane bolter, lascannon/assault cannon arm (again I know you can only use 1 I just like having different builds. Plus I always look at it like why would you go to war with 1 gun when you can bring the lot.) the heavy bolter/autocannon arm. the Power claw/melta arm. My converted HK missile rack and the seismic hammer with melta. I didn't put the other power claw arm with flamer but it's been converted to be longer and bent so he's more action posed.
More to come of the new 5 as i Get them primed and painted. Doing some of it tomorrow and playing a few games to hopefully.

And lastly I leave you with my next project which is on hold until I get back from the Bahamas, (thank GOD for vacations.)
Count em up 6 drop pods. Oh the joy....my fingers are already hurting and I haven't even started them.

more later,

*sorry if the pictures are bad as always, I'm working on it.*

1 comment:

Cannonfodder said...

6 droppods- oh the apin I get from just looking at it. My thoughts are wit you for you may fidn yourself underestimating the amoutn of work that these guys aer gonna take.

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