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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Multi-parter...

Well the vacation is over and it's back to the real world, (sigh) we had a great time and now own a new camera (some Nikon the wife had to have that's about as small as a credit card and takes great pictures, that I'm also not allowed to touch.) and some art, yes real art, that I won in an art auction on the boat. If you've never done an art auction I highly recommend them, it was really fun and very educational. Even if you don't bid on anything it's fun and there was free champagne. However with those developments and a rather large alcohol bill my available funds for 40k have been put on hold for a little bit. I had to back out of buying the Genestealers I wanted and my Tyranids are on hold, model wise for the time being. But did the taxes the other day and have a nice return coming so maybe I'll be able to get my list put into mini form some time soon.
However, in there greatness GW is releasing the new plastic ven's which I'll have to buy for my chaplain dreadnought. Which also brings me to the new Blood Angels dex. I've never really wanted to be a Blood Angel but with the rumor dex floating around and all the possibilities of assault greatness I'm hearing I feel the red thirst coming over me. I love assault armies I always have. Anyone who has played me knows I try to get into assault as fast as possible and build lists around that idea. My nids are all assault based with no shooting, my deathwing whilst they can shoot, generally just push forward as hard as they can to get into assault and my regular marine lists always have 2 to 3 assault teams. If the rumor dex is remotely close to true the new BA are right up my alley, plus they new Tantalus, I've been drooling over that since I first heard about it. However I'm not going to be repainting my army. I'm staying in my DA colors, I have a nice fluff for it and a pretty sweet chapter name that was a joke that turned out to work great. We'll see what happens when the codex actually comes out though. I really hate turning away from my DA's but really it's about fun and to me the new BA dex is more up my alley. I'll still be using the DA dex to run my deathwing but.... the SANGUINUS KERMITUS may be in my future. More on that idea at a later date. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, ie. is it cheesy that I'm not repainting? Should I just wait for a new DA? (who knows when that will happen.) etc. I don't wanna be that guy, you know the one who shows up with the new codex dressed in ultramarine colors. But I really do have a nice flluffy background for why my BA are all in green, I think it's cool.
Also while on the cruise I read and finished Salamanders and Courage and Honor. Loved courage and Honor it really made up for the book before it and fell into line with the Uriel story perfectly. I can't wait for Chapter's Due. Salamander was good, but it started slow and took me a minute to really get going. It finished great with lots of fighting and insight that left me wanting to buy book 2 when it comes out. The only big gripe was Nick (author) really needs to help me out, his names while most likely being what real Salamanders names would be were hard to keep reading over and over as I have no idea how they are supposed to be said. So I ended up just renaming characters Ed and Tom and Kirby. Both were good reads though and I recommend them. Finally, if you have made it this far, first off thanks. Secondly, I'm in the process of finishing a Rhino and a Whirlwind, as well as a converted Assault Cannon Razorback. The drop pods are on the table as well as the LR redeemer. Finally my new 2k points nid list looks a little something like this. (no fancy totals and add-ons just what I'm taking, more on that as I get models and start building.

Walking tyrant-Flying Tyrant-30 genestealers- 10 warriors-5 Shrike-Trygon Prime.

I've play tested it once already and it did well, I'm hopefully gonna play test it again Monday with but we'll see as I'm slowly recovering from a surgery I just had, (another reason for lack of funds.) I may end up just watching Lach and JC play but I really want to get in a game or two. we'll see, more to come later.

Thoughts always welcome.

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