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Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 new lists and game question HELP!!!

So let me lead off with I got rid of word verification so maybe I can get some comments, (one can hope.)
First things here's the question i need help with. If you take a command squad for your SM captain does the captain have to be attached to it? The squad is not listed as a retinue or bodyguard etc as stated in the rulebook. There's nothing in the independent character area that I can find about it and there's no command squad entry in the brb. I am going under the impression that he can leave them behind to moniter from somewhere else in the field say with some of your other troops. Thoughts anyone?? And if you know of an exact place in the brb where it says he's stuck I'd love to know it so I can stop reading the same pages over and over.

And second here's the two lists im thinking about using in some games on Monday.

A List-
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr fist and plasma pistol.)
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr weapon)
10 assault marines (2 plasma pistols sgt with pwr weapon and plasma pistol melta bomb.)
10 assault marines w/o jump packs w/free pod (2 plasma pistols sgt with pwr weapon and plasma pistol melta bomb.)
5 assault terminators (2LC and 2TH/SS)
Land Raider Crusader
2 Venerable Dreads with assault cannons and drop pods 1w/loc.beacon
5 scouts (4 Snipers 1 Heavy Bolter all camom cloaks.)
-Idea is Shrike attaches to the 10 pack marines and infiltrates. pushing c/c as fast as possible. the dreads come in in round 1 the locator beacon is used for the no pack assault marines to get in close without scattering. All pods go behind the lines and try to get into some c/c. The LRC and the two rhinos come in at start and the rhinos push towards objectives or blocking points. The LRC heads toward front line enemies and gets the Terms out to fight. The scouts infliltrate onto a objective if they can or get into a nice firing point, they wont do anything spectacular but they can change a game. The whole army has fleet with Shrike so closing with the dreads and the Terms isn't going to be to hard if I can get em where I want em.

B List-
Command squad (apothecary, champion, standard, sgtw/ power fist plasma pistol, marine with power sword.)
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr fist and plasma pistol.)
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr weapon)
10 Sternguard (combi melta, combi plasma, melta, flamer. Rhino)
8 Vanguard (Relic Blade, Thunder Hammer, 6 power weapons, 8 jump packs.)
5 Terminators (Assault cannon and 2 chainfists.)
Ironcald in a pod, (assault launchers and heavy flamer.)
-Same general theory as the list above except that Shrike rolls with the chaplain and the Vanguard they Infiltrate in and rush for c/c. The command squad comes in at beginning of game and moves forward to reinforce one of the 5 mans or the sternguard. The stern and troops go for objectives or bocking areas. The dread and terms go behind the lines pod no problem, hoping my deepstrike doesn't screw up on the Terms. Stern finds a firing point at an objective or a kill point area and lays down death. This hopefully blocks in my opponent and forces him to move forward into bullets or hold and face death from the Shrike force.

As always thoughts are greatly appreciated, Thanks for reading this in advance, Sorry I type long posts.
More later,


Atrotos said...

I like list A more but I would caution against Assault Marines in a Pod - that's not a great trade off even if they do have Fleet.

Also 10-man Tac Marine squads do three times as well as 5 man squads.

In response to Vanguard squads I'd never give *everybody* in the squad an upgrade - they're bound to take casualties and you need cheap(er) models to remove.

Finally if you enjoy using Assault Marines why not try out the new BA codex? It gives you more options to match the theme you're going for.

Matt said...

Thanks for the comment, Atrotos, as for the assault marines in a pod they are in it cause they have no jump packs and will be coming in after the dreads, so hopefully I can get some cover, plus it was free. I would do 10 mans but I was going for the min troops to try and fill out some other options. The Vanguard well, nope yeah they are hella expensive, but I've never used em and wanted to try out a death squad. I know they are gonna die, but i'm hoping with shrike they can get into combat in round 1 if im very lucky or atleast 2 with only a minimal amount of caualties.
Just waiting for the BA to come out so I can see if the rumors are true, then I may just turn to the path of Sanguinus.

Atrotos said...

Even if the rumors aren't true you still have a great ruleset that seems interesting and balanced. If using the leaked PDF gives you a fun game you should use it regardless of what GW decides to do.

RuntMcRory said...

You do not have to run your captain with the command squad. As you said, they are not a retinue which means he is independent. He can be picked out in a fight as well.

Anonymous said...

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