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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little bit of dreadnought fun.

(Image taken from GW site and used without permission, it will be removed if asked.)

Was having a little dread fun and decided to see what kinda list I could build. Made up a quick 1500 that I may give a go later.

TROOPS-2-10 man squads in razorbacks with assault cannons.
here's the fun,
Elites- Dread w/melta, Dread w/melta, Dread w/melta
Heavy- Ven Dread w/ assault can., Ven dread w/ assault can., Ironclad w/flamer PODS for all 3.

-The troops and Forgefather hang in the back doing whatever. The three regular dreads move forward as best as possible. One ven and the ironclad pod in, in round 1 behind the lines. hopefully ven 2 comes in in 2. The dreads just run around and kill as much as they can. It's a silly list really but all the dread talk on the forums got me wanting to do something with all my dreads so I made this. I figure a lot of dead dreads, but you never know.

Lastly, I'm still looking for help with my command squad question,(does your captain have to be attached or not? See previous post.I can't figure out how to add a link.)if anyone can throw me a bone. And I also finished up three new models, Two razorbacks and a Whirlwind/rhino/razor (removable mounts.) One of the Razor's is a converted Old Crow Miniature model, Old Crow, has some really nice stuff plus they were friendly and easy to deal with, I'll be shopping with them again. I took pics but I have to hunt down my usb cord. I think it's somewhere in the vacation bags.

More later,


Atrotos said...

Pity lists such as these have that hundred point weight around their neck in the form of the Master of the Forge. Really can't figure out what he's meant to do.

If only there were another way to field more Dreadnoughts... *hint*

Your captain does NOT have to be attached to the command squad because IIRC the command squad is not a retinue. The retinue rules are the only instance in which an IC looses the right to join and leave units.

Drathmere said...

The Master of the Forge seems like another good assault unit. Add him to half a combat squad with a powerfist and flamer and you have a great CC machine.

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