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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday night games and the new pics.

So we played 2 games Monday. Lach and I at 2000 points and then Lach and JC our new member at 1500.
Game 1 was My shrike force (marines) vs Lachs Necs. Long story short, we tied. And we spent a good deal of the game....Debating, (the wife has deemed it arguing.) this actually happened in both games. And I dunno why, I think we've both just gotten really competitive. I conceded on most things and am now doing a page by page rulebook re-read and taking notes. I was wrong on a few things, as was Lach and I'm the first to say I was wrong. One big question I have though is dreadnoughts in c/c. In walkers it says they still get an attack regardless of how many immobilized results etc. But it also says they roll on the damage table for vehicles. I had no arms left but was in an assault with his lord. he hit first and did a weapon destroyed. I had no weapons other than my feet to kick, i/e my one attack. I become immobile. Fine I still get to attack per the walker rules. However I get another weapon destroyed which per the vehicle table means I'm a wreck. I argued the fact I still had an attack because per the walker rules I still have an attack from being immobilized, so thechnically i'm not immobilized I still get to fight cause I basically just got immobilized again. In the end I just removed the dread. Maybe I'm just over thinking it. Maybe I'm wrong (probably am). Thoughts?
Anyway game 2 was necs vs' JC's Chaos it was his first big game and even though he lost 2 to 3 in KP's I think he had fun and will want to play some more. Sidenote OMG ABADDON is a BEAST!!!!
Oh and a YAY me side note I did manage to kill off the deceiver with pistol shooting from shrikes unit. woot. That's about it Pics are below, I'm hoping my I don't want to paint funk gets over soon. If not I still got a ton of stuff to build. Also I'm putting a poll on the side for my Nid army name, vote if you'd like to.

not a great shot but the side view of the homemade assault turret

The front ends of the Razorback and the new whirlwind with alternate launchers.

The Old crow Half track, converted into an assault cannon razorback. If it was half an inch taller there would be no difference in the 2 sizes. I added Ork truck wheels, an IG plow, And a homemade assault turret. I had a Rhino hatch on it but it didn't work with the Turret. Sorry about the darkness and the little bit of blur. I was trying a dark backdrop vs' a light for the resin.
As always thanks for reading, comments, critiques, etc are always appreciated.
more later


Jesse said...

I'm not very technically inclined, but I believe the intent is that you have at least one attack, so long as you're still 'alive'.

I think the key here is that the dreadnought was destroyed before it's initiative. Kinda like killing a guy with a P-Fist, before his go.

Anonymous said...

Yhees, you need to be less narrow minded and not argue about something like that. If you argue over something like that your wife is bound to be annoyed.

It is all on page 61 and 73 man.

If the dread suffers a weapon destroyed he looses a weapon. (Only looses an attack if he had an ekstra attack because of two melle/dreadnought close combat weapons.) If he has no more weaponds to loose (included storm bolters/flamers/close combat weapons etc. but not smoke launchers) then he suffers an imobeliced.

If he is imobeliced but suffers an imobeliced then he gets a weapon destroyed.

If he is both imobeliced and all his weaponds are destroyed he will get a "Destoyed Wrecked" result.

If however he is only imobeliced and all his weaponds are gone you can read paragraf 4 and 5 on page 73. He would be getting 1 attack.

Now you do not explain it very good: But if he is not destroyed bot "only" imobeliced he get's 1 attack.

If, however he gets another imobeliced result before the dreadnoughts inisiative comes up he would get a weaponds destroyed. If he has no more weaponds then he would be destroyed, and if that was before your inisiative you will not get the attack.

Stop Arguing, just have fun man.

Matt said...

Jesse,-Thanks for commenting, looking at it now, and after having read the pages over and over, I agree with you. He got blown up before he could hit back. So all is well.

Anonymous-I posted something long and rebuting, but have erased it and am just going to go with. Have you read any of my other posts. It's pretty much all about fun with me. I just want to play and build models.

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