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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to the BASICS...1-10

So I've noticed that basic rules and other rules questions are showing up quite frequently now in our blogs. Several of these have actually been introduced by me coming from games I have recently played. I've also noticed a few of us myself included are popping the old BRB (basic rule book) out and re-reading and taking notes. I have noticed in a few recent games and even in my last tournaments that some of the most basic of rules is misread or not followed or just not known,(this also includes me) by players. Some of this can be attributed to not knowing the rules, trying to learn another new edition, I still revert to 3rd every now and then and 4th pops up all the time. However I always have the book handy and if the question nags at me I pop it out and verify. Usually I find that I am wrong. So in an effort to throw out some things and maybe help out some newer players who haven't really fine toothed the book like some of us I am going to put together a few posts going over a few things from the rulebook I think are good to know. This isn't a totally rewritten rule book as GW would fry me. I am just going to go through 10 pages at a time and throw out some things.
without further waiting pages 1-10 (most likely the smallest of reviews as it's very very basic welcome to the game stuff.)

Pg2-(probably the most important rule of the game(s)) "the most important rule is that rules aren't all that important. So long as both players agree, you can treat them as guidelines. the choice is entirely yours." this goes into conjunction with the paragraph above it that states this important statement, "winning at any cost is less important than making sure both players-not just the victor-have a good time."
Essentially-HAVE FUN!!

Pg2- Rolling a D3, There are some 3 sided dies out there but I can name on 1 hand the number of people I know that have 1, (I do.) So, roll a D6 (six sided dice, your basic dice.) and halve the scores. 1 or 2 = 1, 3 or 4 = 2 and 5 or 6 = 3.

Pg2- modifying dice rolls, adding to dice (D6+1 etc.) or multiple dice rolls (2D6 etc.) and multipliers (D6x3 etc.) Pretty basic I know, to add you just roll a D6 and add the number they tell you. Multiples you just roll the listed number of D6's. And multipliers you roll your D6(s) and take the result then multiply it by the listed number.

Pg3- Bases. "Some players like to mount their models on impressive scenic bases. As mounting your models on different size bases might affect the way they interact with the rules, make sure before game that your opponent does not mind this.
I do this a lot for some of my named characters. I always ask if it's cool with the person I'm playing if the model is acceptable. Usually it is because it's a benefit for them, they stand higher and he can reach them faster. This is also a benefit for me sometimes. I just think it looks really cool.

Pg6- (A) ATTACKS- This just happened recently and I thought you know what I can see how this can be mistaken if you haven't fully read the rules and are just starting. Your opponent says "what ya shooting?" You say, "The plasma pistol." He not knowing the plasma pistol setup says, "how many shots does it have?" You say, "ummm lets see his chart says he has 4 attacks."
Nope, the A characteristic indicates the number of dice a character rolls when fighting in close combat (C/C.) (shooting comes in the later pages)

Pg7- Multiple Modifiers- If a model has a combo. of rules or gear that "both" add to and multiply its characteristics, first multiply the base value then add your extra point(s). (ex. model with base S3 has +1S and double strength. Multiply S3 by 2, 2x3=6 then add the +1, 6+1=7, your new strength. Not the other way around.

Pg8- Characteristic tests- You roll 1D6 and try to be equal to or lower than your characteristic. However if a 6 is rolled you auto fail, and if a 1 is rolled you automatically pass.

Pg8- Leadership tests (morale checks) for these you roll 2D6 and the result needs to be equal to or lower than your base value.

Pg9- Turn sequence (three phases.)
1-Movement phase, you can move any of your units that are capable of moving in this round. You don't have to move anything.
2-Shooting phase, The player can shoot with any unit that can see an enemy unit and is able to shoot. This is also the phase in which you can RUN!!!
3-Assault phase, The player can move any of his units into assault with the enemy if they are in range and capable of assaulting. Both forces fight in the assault. More on this in the assault chapter.

Pg10- Really cool picture of some space marines killing some stinking orks.

That's all for this post. If you made it to here THANKS. Hopefully this helps at least one person somewhere. If it's just stupid and a waste of bandwidth someone please tell me and I won't do anymore, I can just finish up my notes and be done. I know these were pretty basic and simple but the first few pages are just the beginnings of the game not really into the meat and potatoes yet.
Thanks again, questions and comments always welcome, more later, OH and I also updated the NIDS poll please feel free to vote.


HOTpanda said...

One of the biggest misread rules that I have come across is the Assault Phase. Most just want to push their models all in at once but their is an specific sequence that should be followed. I have written an entire article about this but have not posted it yet. The reason people mess the Assault Phase up is that they become dice frenzied once they begin to taste the blood of their enemy.

Warhammer39999 said...

It's certainly not a waste of bandwidth to post this sort of thing. Even if you're posting things that everyone already knows except you, the simple fact that you're writing it down will help reinforce your memory. By all means, keep it up.

The best rule you've pointed out so far though, is clearly "pg10- Really cool picture of some space marines killing some stinking orks." I intend to somehow work that into my next game...

By the way, I've been told that I've come off as overly sarcastic before, so I just want to clarify that I'm 100% behind you in this. And sure, the ork picture was a tongue-in-cheek comment, but I really did like that you threw in some light-heartedness. It made for a better read because of it.

Warhammer39999 said...

oops, forgot to subscribe.

Matt said...

Panda- I see that very often too and, it's coming up in the next article 11-20 i'm pretty sure. Thanks for commenting.

WH39999-Thanks, I don't find it sarcastic, i'll keep writing, albeit I do know most of what I wrote, was just re-enforcing some finer points of the rules. And pg-10 should be worked into every game, there should always be a marine killing some stinking orks.
Thanks for subscribing.

Col. Corbane said...

I've been doing exactly this recently, I'm doing one page a night before I go to sleep, so I should have it done in a couple of months.

I'm finding having to rewrite the rules in note form far better for learning them and just reading them.

Stick with it mate.

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