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Thursday, April 21, 2011

As promised pictures of my work(s) in progress

I have been steadily working at it for the past few weeks. Well since I last posted actually. As of tonight the last 3 warriors are finished and that just leaves 2 Trygons a Carnifex, a Flyrant and 3 Tyrant Guard but I have to order some bits for them. I'll be making homemade gaurd, I do not like the current models. Hive fleet Nex is in full efect and I should be knocking out the last few big bugs tomorrow, (hopefully.) It's planned but we'll see if it comes to fruition. Oh my new Sterngaurd and Vangaurd vets are in there too, I went ahead and knocked them out in that time frame as well. I'll be needing them after the Furioso, Stormraven and new Termys come in for my birthday. It's amazing what a plan can do for you.

My greatest creation ever is a about a month away now...and the anticipation is eating me alive. Here's what I've been doing with my old office, aka Emma's room. It's pretty much done just gotta clean up from getting all the shower presents built and put away. I still can't believe it and she's almost here. Just a few shots of her girl cave, my new man cave is almost as good as it used to be just a little less space, but atleast I still have it. More to come on her in about a month give or take.

So after Nex its time to knock out the Tau boys (name still coming) and I need to check the bank cause I gotta make a purchase from Secret Weapon Minis. Alien themed bases are gonna look sweet with the hive fleet.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and more to come.

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