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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'll be off the net for a few days.

Well if you've been watching TV at all you know what hit Alabama. I know first hand because I was sheltered down inside our precinct when it hit right on top of us. It has been an incredibly long day. And I'm about to go back out. This was the worst tragedy I've been in since i worked in KAtrina in the Air Force. Just say a little prayer for all of those that are still lost out there and for the ones who ahve already lost.
All of the officers in Tuscaloosa have been accounted for and there immediate families are all ok as well. We are in a national emergency status now so I wont be on much for about the next week or so. I'll get some more model stuff done up later but right now it's back burnered.
This is what hit us

This is whats left of the side of town I work on, it pretty much all looks like this.

More at a later date,


RonSaikowski said...

Thank goodness you are alright.
Be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to you and everyone who has been affected by this disaster. Blessed be the first reponders.

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