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Friday, April 22, 2011


So I managed to get up with Lach today and get the last 4 big bugs done, only 24 Hgaunts to go and 3 homegrown tyrant gaurd. I'm especially looking forward to the tyrant gaurd now as I have scene what Lach can do with a drill and a saw (see below).
First up are the 2 Trygons and the new mega fex. First let me say CMON GW really coulddn't you build the spore stacks already attached. Gluing those took forever. Trying to line them up and seat em right was ridiculous. The rest of the modes was pretty easy and I got lots of fun bits to play with now. The fex well hes had some mutations. I really love crusher claws but I don't really use em. So we were sitting there and I thoght hmm what if he had all 4 talons and claws. So....we lach drilled some holes and VIOLA Mega Fex.

Last is the Flyrant, I really am in love with her. Lach out did himself. This is what we started with.

(image used without GW permission will be removed at their request)
Then we started kit bashing and Lach started surgery. This is what we ended with. I am thoroughly pleased with her. And after a quick once over and some paint she's gonna be a mean little beauty.

She's unique and the best part she's 100% GW so shes tournament worhty. Thanks again Lach.
As always thanks for reading and more later.

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