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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in the saddle

So I've been out of the game since the tournament, some of you may remember me, most of you on FTW now probably have no clue who I am. All that aside I played a quick fun 500 pointer with my Nids (proxied by plastic Cowboys and Indians.) against Lachs new proxied Orks. The tournament took alot out of me and brought me back into the angry dark side of the game. Alas I have re-found my way in the force and come back to the light. I've still been buying stuff (landing pads, defense lines, Valkyries, Nids, and more.) and am slowly getting back into the feel of it all again. So expect to see me posting again and throwing out some new pics (we bought a new house and I have a ME room now.) of the marines and my new obsession the Nids. Also (shameless plug) Lach and I are from Tuscaloosa AL, (ROLL TIDE, I know there's a eagle fan somewhere out there I saw the post.) were looking for some other players so we can get in a game not against each other sometime. So if your In the T-Town area or within driving range drop me a shout so we can try and meet up and get some gaming in. Lastly- It's good to be back, I thought I had lost the bug but I feel it creeping back in, I'm already sprueing models the sternguard, vanguard and Nid warriors are all ready for glue.
More to come later.
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