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Thursday, October 8, 2009

planning and questions

Not really an update or anything, but, I've been reading all the new threads about Wolves and Guardsmen and I've been trying to build an effective yet fun tourny list. I'm building around a 2k point base as that is what the tourny I will most likely be going to again is set at. I have two army list set ups right now, 1-DA and 1-SM. They're kinda cheesy but I learned last tournament that just about everyones army is, and well i need some effective killing power with my DA while at the same time playing the boys that made me make a DA to begin with. The SM army is sorta just a fun army but with some elements that should let me pull a few cards from my sleeve. anyway, here goes the lists.

Belial and Int. Chaplain
Belials Term squad- Apothecary, Standard bearer, 2x Light. claws, pwr. weapon/storm bolter.
Term squad 1-Ass., chain fist/storm bolter, pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2x standard terms.
Term squad 2-pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2x chain fist/storm bolter, 2x standard terms.
Term squad 3-pwr weapon/storm bolter, 4x Light. claws
Term squad 4- Ass. can/chain fist, chain fist/storm bolter, pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2x standard terms.
(total of 5 termy squads Chaplain is attached to Belials unit.)
Land raider w/storm bolter (for unit 2)
Land raider crusader w/storm bolter (for light. claw unit 3)
-The other 3 term. units will be broke up and arrive via DW assault. All units are scoring. There's not alot of models but what's out there is tough. I know meltas are gonna be a problem, but I think I can survive some templates. Just have to see as theres not much of a group around here to play test it.

Chaplain w/jump pack
command squad- Apoth., champion, standard, sgt w/powerfist/plas. pistol, vet. w/pwr. weapon
5xman tactical- sgt. w/pwr. fist/plasma pistol, rhino w/ex. arm.
5xman tactical- sgt. w/pwr. weapon, rhino w/ex. arm.
10x Sternguard-combi melta, combi plas, melta, flamer, 6 bolters, rhino w/ex. arm.
6x Terms-Ass. can., 2x chainfists. pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2xstandard term.
Ironclad Dread w/ass. launchers, hvy. flamer, Drop pod w/locater beacon.
8x Vanguard-1 Relic blade, 1 Thunder hammer, 8 jump packs, 6 pwr. weapons.
-Cheesy only taking 2 5 man tacs. but I really wanna use the stern and van. The dread is dead i'm ready for that he's a decoy though and maybe he kills some folks. The pod with the beacon is key, because the terms will deep strike in close to that for hopefully a survival turn then some assault damage. Drop the pod on some troops scatter an inch and then get some terms in. the rhinos move forward and cover drop the tacs on objectives then block. The stern move up and cover fire/pop some metal. The chaplain/shrike and vangaurd join up (see ?? below.) and infil. then move in and hopefully either a round 1 or at most round 2 assault hit and some death. the command squad hangs back behind the rhinos and provides a cover unit for an objective or hops in an empty rhino and moves forward after the tac squad leaves. Again hard to play test with no group to play with.

-Ideas, thoughts, gripes?

And now for my two questions, I've been reading the rules and my 2 codex's because during my last tourny I got hit with a rule I didn't know but I think it's not a rule.
1- Can bikers assault onto 2nd levels of buildings? There not listed as vehicles so technically you roll to see if they can via dangerous terrain if they pass they do, yes/no? I can't find it in the rules, I know vehicles can't but bikes are not listed as vehicles. I know jet bikes can but marine bikes aren't jet bikes. Little help here. Also if it's no can you give me some page numbers. Hopefully I wasn't cheated.
2- Does the command squad bought for a captain have to be attached to the captain? If so my shrike hit and run assault vanguard chaplain team just got seriously slowed down. So I may have to drop them and bring something else. Can't find a definitive ruling on that in the dex's or the rules either.

As always any comments or help is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick review and some wip notes.

So have you ever had a book that no matter how hard you try you just can't finish it? That's how Warrior Coven was for me. I've been trying to read it since January and usually get about 3 pages in before i put it down again. In the mean time I have been mixing in other books to have some thing to actually read. I finished Dawn of War II that was a really good read. It went pretty fast and was fun to read. I actually felt the need to finish it. Then I threw in the Blood Angles omnibus which is an exceptional read. I just made it to part 2 and have only been reading it for about a week now. But amongst all these I threw in The deathly Hallows, just trying to catch up on my harry potter with the new flicks out. But amongst it all I finally sat down last night and forced myself to finish Warrior Coven....what can I say...I hated it, nothing got clarified from warrior brood and nothing got clarified from warrior coven. It just ends and yet agian I feel myself wondering where did those 4 hours go. Anyway enoough of the book reviews I'll have more later as I have the new DA book coming as well as Salamandeders the newest Ultramine story line book and heroes of Ultramar. I may need to go check the shelves and see if I don't have something else I haven't read waiting in the wings. With my Boston trip coming up in 4 days i'm gonna need something for the trip.
On to the other news. I bought DoW2 since it was on sale for 25$. It plays very well and I enjoy it. The good thing though is it has really boosted my wanting to build and play levels. So I broke out all my nids and have started building a solid list and setting aside what I have and building a what I need list. I also put the old Hive Tyrant I bought in some power disolver. It's been in the gel for 2 days now and i'm gonna see what comes off in a few hours. I'll post some pics of it ASAP.
Lastly since im relatively new to nids and still looking for a happy medium as well as some modelling ideas (I don't like just looking standard) does anyone know of some good nid sites or do you have a nid site? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also Lach and I are still looking for some more people to get some games in with in the Tuscaloosa area or surrounding area. Drop me a line and we will see what we can do.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in the saddle

So I've been out of the game since the tournament, some of you may remember me, most of you on FTW now probably have no clue who I am. All that aside I played a quick fun 500 pointer with my Nids (proxied by plastic Cowboys and Indians.) against Lachs new proxied Orks. The tournament took alot out of me and brought me back into the angry dark side of the game. Alas I have re-found my way in the force and come back to the light. I've still been buying stuff (landing pads, defense lines, Valkyries, Nids, and more.) and am slowly getting back into the feel of it all again. So expect to see me posting again and throwing out some new pics (we bought a new house and I have a ME room now.) of the marines and my new obsession the Nids. Also (shameless plug) Lach and I are from Tuscaloosa AL, (ROLL TIDE, I know there's a eagle fan somewhere out there I saw the post.) were looking for some other players so we can get in a game not against each other sometime. So if your In the T-Town area or within driving range drop me a shout so we can try and meet up and get some gaming in. Lastly- It's good to be back, I thought I had lost the bug but I feel it creeping back in, I'm already sprueing models the sternguard, vanguard and Nid warriors are all ready for glue.
More to come later.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tournament Coverage (long)

Well I'm at work and forgot to upload pictures so no shots from the event yet. However I figured I would post up the results and a few tidbits about my battles. First off let me say that the doubles tournament started great we played a jolly couple of guys who we would later hang out with and go drinking. We were then turn 3 tabled and destroyed by a nob biker army. That was the start of the ruin of the game for us. The last round we played the two guys who are fun and cool until you start beating them and well then they become jerks. Well needless to say Lachlan didn't agree. But i'll let him thell that story. Ill just say tears ensued. After the doubles we were both so pissed we almost quit and didnt come back. That would have been a mistake. So here goes how the actual tournament went.

I was running a DA list- Belial, Int. Chaplain, 3 term squads, assault squad, devestator squad, a 6 man bike squad, and a 5 man tac in a rhino. Pretty small but effective in the right circumstances. I was gonna take 6 term squads with 2 LRC's but I didnt want to be the cheese army guy who everyone hated. Which looking back now, next tournament i may just have to bring the cheese, especially if you hit the upper tears of players. Anyway hindsight is 20/20 and it took more skill to play my list and I had some good fun with it. The tourny consisted of 5 rounds over 2 days. each round had a mission with a secondary and a tertiary objective. you earned points for completing the objectives as well as the main mission. The guy running it (Joe) is a 40k guru and from what I hear he is the man and has several tourny wins GD wins and several Golden Demons and other painting awards. He was pretty awesome too. Let the games begin.

My first round I drew against a Sisters of Battle player named Matt. He was a great guy and a great player. I would lose this round but it was the most fun i've ever had losing. Highlights were me assaulting a pentient engine and taking it down with my terms, however I misjudged the naked female acroflagelants and well lets say 5 chicks hittin like a dreadnought can take down some terms. I mis striked Belial in a deepstrike and learned very quickly what faith bullets cna do to a group of terminators. I did pop both of his rhinos in round 1 and made him footslog the board. My bikes and assault squads smashed into some sisters and destroyed them. However it was an objective match and I couldn't cover all 5 of the objectives. It ended with me having 1 and him getting 2. I went first and couldnt get the bikes over to contest his 2 at the end of 5. Turn 6 I may have pulled it off but it didnt happen so who knows.

Round 2 I ended up playing Mel the store owners wife. A very attractive woman who knew her sisters of battle. This game was a ton of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a pitched battle with capture and control. I fortified my building with my 2 dev combat squads and 2 term squads. She put a whole squad of sisters in hers. Highlights. I popped all her rhinos and killed a ton of sisters. She was running a sqquad fo pentient engines and I managed to immobilize both of em but couldnt kill em and they ended up sitting in her base and kept me from claiming. I forgot how tough they were and would assault them with belial only to see him get destroyed. She tried to get some sisters into my base but the terms just shredded them. My bikes and assault squads hit her building hard with belial and killed everything. Highpoint for her she had a priestess hold out thruogh 3 rounds of c/c that lady just would not go down. My assault squad would take the objective but would get killed by fire from the pentients. My rhino snuck up and I got the 5 man into her base. However she contested and I held mine so the game ended as a draw. I did manage to kill her general and had more victory points so i got the secondary and tertiary objectives. Another great game.

Round 3. I played a young kid with a eldar tank destroying army. However I only had the Rhino. It was a spearhead setup and annhilation. I went first this round and he made the mistake of getting to close in his deployment. Round 5 was supposed to start nightfight but I had it won in the top of round 4. Highlights I assaulted and assaulted hard and killed everything. He managed to kill a few guys but it wasn't enough. I took it and got the win the secondary and the tertiary. Jacob was the kids name and he was a great player and a great sport we had alot of fun and even though he lost he had fun. He told me after he was built for armor and I didn't have any.

That was the end of day 1 and I was sitting with enough points to put me in the highpart of the low group. I had 1 loss, 1 win, and 1 draw. Lach and I had a ton of fun and I got back into why I loved the game. I'm glad we didnt quit after the doubles. We also met a few guys who were awesome and we all went out after the end of the rounds and hit a lil mexican restaraunt called margarittas which oddly enough didnt serve margaritas. But they did have huge beers so we drank a few and had some laughs with some good peoples.

Day 2, round 4. This was a custom setup on angles and was a victory point game. I played a guy named well I can't remember his name but lets just say in day 1 he had a dice issue. (I'll let lach tell that story *cough Loaded Cough*) He was playing a beautifully painted Blood Ravens force. I went first again and had a great round 1. I immobilized a landraider blew up a vindicator, deepstriked my terminators behind a rhino and assualt cannoned it and blew it up. And I ripped the assault cannon off his other land raider. This move would make him take everything he had and turn it around to kill my 5 terminators. great for me cause it gave me a safe round 2. He dropped his drop pod down behind my assault team but couldnt asssault with his dreadnought inside. He did flame them but none died. In round 2 I would jump behind him and lay in with 3 plasma pistols. Dreadnought Destroyed. He also turned his ass to me with his last surviving LR he literally sent everything he had to kill 5 terminators. well that just begged for a lascannon shot. Well 2 shots later land raider 2 was down. Now all his troops and commander are hoofin it. turn 3 saw the entry of his 10 man lightning claw/SS,TH terminators. They deepsriked right beside one of my las teams. I couldnt get Belial on this round so he took a ton of fire but those 3 plus invulns kept all but 1 terminator alive. Bad part on him though he left me room to get Belial in. Turn 4 Belial comes in from reserve, it was a special rule for this mission. I walked in right behind his team of terminators and after no deaths from shooting I assaulted him hard. This would be abloody round 4 and after both sides settled I had no Belial squad left and he had 1 ss/th terminator left. Well the top of 5 saw me annhilate that guy to fire. He never moved any of his foot sloggers from round 3 on they just stayed in his back corner. I guess he thought his terminators would do it for him. The game rolled to end at the end of 5 and I got another win. That one was for you Lach. Although he tried to convince me he had more points left than I did, however after we both checked the math I had 1100 points left and he had 800 left so i got the W. It was a ok game not the greatest but not bad. This win would push me into the lower tear of guys. This is the tear of the guys who wont take 1st 2nd or 3rd but are still in the gourp of guys who had no losses till the got to day 2 and started playing the elite tear of players.

Round 5.....Sigh what can I say. I played Orks not biker nobs but orks and I mean ork a wave of them. 90 plus orks with 2 battle wagons and 2 trucks. It was pitched battle and the goal was to get more guys in your opponents deployment zone. I ended up having to go first. Highlight I killed both trucks. Thats it, I was then steamrolled. And i do mean steamrolled. Belials squad attacked a grot squad and they assualted me. It was funny the funniest part was belial grand master of the deathwing missed all 6 shots and didnt kill a grot. Oh well, I managed to kill 30 or so of the 90, but he killed everything I had leaving just Belial alive in his deployment zone. The game went to turn 6 and ended with him having way more models in my deployment than I had in his. It was a ok game not bad in any means but it was one of those games where you just are stadning there waitnig for the inevitable, I couldn't beat him after round 2 and it was just me trying to kill some stuff. He was a great player and knew the game very well. So I ended on a loss.

Total overall 2 losses, 2 wins, and a draw.

We got our results yesterday and heres where I placed.

I was 18th out of 42 players, that made me feel great I wasn't top 10 but top 20 in my first RTT made me feel good. I earned 122 points overall, the winned I think had 160ish. I had 50 points overall in tournament rounds for wind and objectives. I had 12 points in sportsmanship which means I got the highest I could in each round and 1 player voted me favorite opponent. I got full point in painting and composition 35/25. It was cool I placed well for what I wanted and I am still wanting to play the game. I had a good overal time and will probably end up playing in a few more tournaments now. Met some good people and had some fun. I wish my gaming store here was even a 10th of what the DICEHEAD in Cleveland Tennessee is.

Thanks to Shane and Mel for hosting it they own the 2 DICEHEAD stores in Chattanooga nd Cleveland. Oh and thanks to Joe for running the tournament and keeping us all in good spirits.

I leave you with a few side notes. 1 Sister of Battle won the tournament that army was sick and decimated the biker nobs in turn 3. Those ladies, when played like the guy who played them, are unstoppable. There were some armies there that people don't think are worthy in 5th well lets just say wait till you see em. SoB, Grey Knights, Dark Eldar and even Lachs Necrons showed some people not to underestimate them. Ork biker nobs are incredibly hard to beat I mean incredibly hard to beat and well I didn't even come close to beating them. Chaos Demons are viscious, saw a cool 3 soulgrinder army giving some hurt to alot of people. Thats about it, I have some pictures I think Lachlan has more and I will get them up as soon as I can. I leave you with my top 5 tournament things to not do for 09.

1-Never begin your supposedly helpful comment to two pissed off players with "I'm not trying to be a dick but..." If you have to start it with that well guess what you're being a dick.

2-Never and I mean never threaten to kill your opponent. Really it's gonna be ok it's just a game.(this happened in round 2, I was playing beside the 2 guys when it happened and lets just say the crazy guy with his kmart buggy didnt come back for day 2. The guy I knew, he was a great guy too, told the guy he was done and it was his turn he said it politely and no normal person would have thought anything of it. The crazy guy he was playing then flipped out and went crazy, really, and started going off. he then threatened to kill the guy I knew.)

3-Never buy your dice off EBAY and wonder why you get called out for having loaded dice. (I mean c'mon you didnt notice you never roll a 1, or 2....NEVER.)

4-Never underestimate yourself or what your army can do.

5- Never argue the physics of math with Lachlan. A 3" template moving 4" away should never be able to hit you. It's mathmatically impossible. Well unless you wanna cry don't bring that to Lachlans table.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

DAY 1 !@#$

So just a quick update form the hotel lobby. More will come when I get back home. We came in happy, now we aren't so much.
Lets just say the doubles tournament well ummmm sucked. To hell with ORK NOB BIKERS.
more to come sunday.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I haven't slept in almost 2 days now...but I have finished the army off well 2k points of it and have my board ready for the exterminatus. Me and Lach are heading off tomorrow for some jolly fun at the 40k tourny. It'll probably be my funeral but I'm still psyched. Really looking forward to the doubles tournament this evening. Anyway I took some quick shots of the stuff. Sorry there not my best photos but I'm tired and I didn't have anything really big and white to put behind the board. 1 of the shots may be a little blurry or maybe its just me not really sure. Anyway here they are
Straight on
Top down 48 models and a tank
left side
right side
.Tagged and Bagged.
P.S. Ill be sporting the ftw dice at the tourny maybe they'll bring me luck. Oh and Lach and I have a club now. The lady running the event sent me an email asking what the name of our club was. So in an attempt to be funy I thought since it's just me and lach playing each other every time, we'll be the "Lonerangers" (from Airheads-"you can't pluralize the loneranger.") Well she didn't get the joke but now we are officially members of the Lonerangers gaming club.

P.S. After looking at these I realized they are all blurry, I really need some sleep. So sorry and I'll get you some good ones from the tournament.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Almost tourny time...

So the tournament is next week and I was behind on some painting so I strapped on the painting cap and settled in for 2 days of work. Well more like 12 hours, 6 or so each day. Anyway I got all the models I needed to be built finished. Then I primed everything. Day one I did the bike squad. Day 2, I finished off the bike riders and did the two new squad terminator sergeants. Anyway I know I haven't posted pics. in a while but here's the newest stuff. I'll try and get some better bike squad shots. I'm tired so I'm not in the mod to do photo work, that and my hands, fingers, neck and back all hurt at the moment. All I have left to finish now is 6 terminators ( thankfully they are green and not black.) and the Rhino. Then my army will be ready for the 14th. I'm gonna be working on a fluff story for the tourney and will be naming everyone tonight. Anyway here's the new stuff.
Comments are always appreciated.
Sgt 1
Sgt 2
the bike squad

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry for the absence...

I know I've been away for a minute but well, got back from vacation as I said earlier posting. However a day after I got back I got seriously seriously ill, (ear infection and sinus infection ill.) was down for a few days and didn't really accomplish anything 40k wise or anything else wise. I was gonna play a game or two with Lach but that didn't happen either. I finally got up and around again a few days ago, and played a game with my 2000 point list. This is the list I will hopefully be using for the exterminatus. Which means I have some painting work to do and quickly. The game as Lach wrote ended in a tie but I think the army did pretty well for itself. So I was gonna throw it out and see if you out there would throw me a pointer or two.
My original list was 5 term squads and 2 LR's one normal and one crusader. I scrapped that and went with another idea that gave me more options and some movers. Here's the new list.

__1-Belial w/lightning claws
Int. Chaplain (standard)
Standard bearer
Sgt w/power weapon and storm bolter
2x terminators with lightning claws
__2-Terminator squad__
Sgt Power weapon and storm bolter
4 terminators one w/assault cannon. 1/chain fist
__3-Terminator squad __
Sgt Power weapon and storm bolter
4 Terminators one w/chain fist
__4-5 Man troop squad__
Sgt with plasma pistol and power weapon
4 Standard marines one w/melta gun
Razorback w/hvy bolter
__5-10 man devastator__
2 lascannons and 2 plasma cannons
6 standard marines
(split into combat squads)
__6- 10 man assault squad __
Sgt with power weapon and plasma pistol
2 marines with plasma pistol
7 assault marines pistol and chain sword
__7-6 Bikes__
Sgt with power weapon and plasma pistol
2 melta guns
3 reg bikers

That's my list at 2000 points The terminators move forward or deep strike the razorback team stays inside and moves to objectives and uses the razor as cover. The bikers stay back and zoom up to (fritz, LoL) grab objectives in the last minutes. The assault marines zoom around getting into c/c or sacrifice to stop fast movers. The dev team splits into 5/5 one las and plas in each and stand back and shoots down cover fire and takes out tanks (hopefully, as the las cannons in the last game missed every time.)
So what do you think. I have everything except 2 term squads 5 bikes and the razorback finished. I should be able to accomplish that by the 14th. I was debating dropping the razorback team for a Ven. dread. or maybe working them to try and fit in a speeder but I would have to paint that up too. Any advice is great I know it's short notice and all, and well this will be my first big tourny that wasn't run at a local store with people I knew. I kinda wanna do semi good or at least just not get my ass handed to me every round.
Oh I also gotta get my display board done. Which I bought a 11x7 picture frame I'm gonna pull the glass form and do a quick board.

Thanks ahead of time,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to the real world

Well the vacation is over. I wish it wasn't I love the house of the mouse so much, we had so much fun, minus the one night of extreme intoxication where...well let's just say I don't remember a whole lot of it. Coming back to the real world sucked but it had to be done. I logged on yesterday to check the sites and what can I say...I missed a lot. So I was trying to back log and was gonna post comments and all like usual but there is just to much. SO..........EVERYONE DID GREAT..WOW GREAT LOOKING MODELS..SUPER WORK..GREAT JOB..KEEP IT UP...AWESOME STORY..CONGRATS ON THE WIN...THAT LOOKS LIKE A GREAT LIST..AWESOME BIKE RON...DOGS IN THE IMP. GUARD WOW...COOL STORIES...SWEET BATTLE REPORT...JAWABALLS!!!!! WOW nuff said....AWESOME BELIAL....SWEET APOTHECARY TERMINATOR....and lastly (if i missed a kudo shout out, I apologize, there are so many, 11 days puts you way behind.) LACH, I HAVE A FEELING I AM IN TROUBLE, CONGRATS ON THE ANNIVERSARY AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU GOT SOME SWEET LOOT, HOPEFULLY BRIT DIDN'T JUST GET SOME PJ'S (lol).
with all that out of the way, I heard from Ron my prize form the basing contest is coming soon. I got my dice WOOT awesome. I think I may try and get a hold of chessex and get some in black and green for my DA. I also got two awesome silver dice from the misses. I will be starting my terminators and the land raiders ASAP since March is only 2 weeks away. I also finally got my order in from Cali. and am now working on a list for my new army. I will be making a list then building this time. But the new army will be my NID army, Tooth and Claw. Expect some posts about a possible army list soon. Plus I should have some more terminator pics. and stuff up in the next week or so. That's about it as of right now. I'll be individually posting again on all your posts starting again tomorrow or the day after most likely.
One last note. I finished The Killing Ground, the 4th part of the Ultramarines story. It was a pretty good read Dead Sky, Black Sun was better but Killing Ground wrapped it up nicely. I also finished book 1 of 2 of the Deathwatch series by C.S. Goto, Warror Brood was a good read and ended nicely, but left me wondering what just happened to a lot of characters. So I started part 2 Warrior Coven and it hasn't explained anything or picked up with any of where we left off. So I am currently disappointed with it but I will keep reading and hopefully get some clarification about what happened between the 2 books.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick note

Well, just a quick update no pics or anything. I wont be posting for a week well about 11 days. Unless I can find a internet connection. And even then I may not. However never fear. I'm not leaving the game or anything. I'm just taking the misses and were heading off on a long needed vacation. So if you don't see a comment or anything from me for a few don't worry.."I'll be back." See you all in a few. Oh and when I do get back expect alot of work form me. Since I have to get the wing ready for the tourny in March.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Say your prayers

So with March creeping up on me and my vacation next week I decided I had better get some painting done. I haven't wanted to paint really for a week or so and I really don't want to do termies but since I'm playing DW in the RTT (maybe) I gotta get them done. So I sucked it up and grabbed the chaplain. I'm pretty pleased with him. Theres a few things I wish I had done differently but overall I'm happy. He will be my interrogator chaplain in termy armor. He will be in Belials squad. I wish he wasn't metal I am getting to the point where I hate metal models. There just not as fun as plastic ones. Maybe it's just me. Anyway since he's an old school chaplain term. I had to mount him a little higher so he would mesh with Belials group. So I mounted a washer on the base to give it a lil' height then put him on it. He still looks a little short but I'm trying not to buy new models. Especially when I have models that are perfectly good just a little outdated. Anyhoo without any more rambling here he is...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Basing contest and more......

Well I won world choice in the basing contest with my Belial base. I was really proud of that base and I'm super proud of it now. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. Looking back now I wish I had made a tutorial. But I can easily redo it I think. It was pretty easy actually.
components were:
-Terminator base (the mid range circle)
-3 popsicle sticks
-1 LOTR ancient statue terrain piece.
-1 Set of angel wings (thanks battlewagon bits for selling 4 packs)
-1 DA veterans sprue (the large sword was used to make the sword in the statues hand.
-PAINT- black primer/painted with chaos black/painted with a 75/25 chaos black codex gray/drybrush codex gray hard drybrush/medium drygrush 50/50 codex gray and fortress grey/light dry brush fortress gray/Pick out the highlights 50/50 fortress and skull white./skull white for the extreme tips
-Green tinted glass-yes glass thats what I use.
Take the popsicle sticks and lay em side by side touching. lay the base on top. trace the outline of the base on the sticks. Cut out the outline. Dont worry if the sticks splinter or break some that just makes for more textured/older stones. Once the sticks are cut, find points on each piece that you want to seperate to make individual stones. Then cute them apart. next glue them leaving some space between em depending on whats happening to the ground. I left some large spaces here and there for the crystal(glass) shards to be shooting up out of the earth. Let it dry. then prime it black. Once thats done take your statue and glue the wings on the back of it midway between the neck and lower back. Let that dry, then prime it. Once both pieces are primed begin your paint and highlights. Once the statue and base are done glue the statue to the base. Make sure you leave some room for your figure as the statue is pretty big. Let the two pieces set. Now you've pretty much got it. I then went in and painted the cracks between the stones green with snot green in the middle. Then I put in the glass shards. The green helps so when you look down at it it doesnt just look black. Lastly I went back and repainted the side of the base black covering up paint excess. This last step is optional but you can do it if you want. I put a magnet under the base and then magnetized Belials feet. This way he can be removed and the base and Belial can be transported safely.
That's it I'll try and do a redo and picture it so I can post a photo how to but its really pretty simple and it makes for a nice base. I wanted it to be the DA icon that you usually see the Angel watching over them with sword in hand.
Here is a pic of the base without Belial and then the a few with.
(notice the dark green shard on the base in the rear. I pulled it and put a clear one on later as it didnt really work with the other pieces.)

And the last note of the post is. Well I broke my no buy resolution and hit EBAY, and well lets just say it's not a huge army yet but The bugs are coming. A few more pieces arrived today with several others coming in the mail....Expect to hear more later as they will be sidelined for some time because I'm prepping for the Tennessee RT.
Thanks again all.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let loose the Dogs of War....

Well I finally quit killing zombies and got around to finishing Belials command squad. The apothecary was done minus the banner which should let people know he's an Apoth. Here he is, I'm happy and not happy with him. Happy because the banner is done in colors i hate using in big amounts, but i tried and did well I think for the most part. I'm unhappy with the symbol cause it's not perfect, but I am happy with it because it was free hand and by far the most challenging free hand thing I've done to date. You can't move forward if you don't try. But anyhoo here he is.

And here is the newest member the Bearer. I am happy with him totally. Well I say that but I haven't blown up the picture yet on the blog so who knows. I am happy with him though. The banner came out way better than I hoped it would. I also did his shoulder cruxes in different colors which makes him pretty unique I think. Anyhoo here he is.

Strike the pose.
And here's the three all together as they would be on the field of battle. Just gotta get the chaplain finished now....Sigh...
And lastly when you cant find your cheap 99 cent paint tray just use your thumb. Its close and convenient. and the nail really does mix colors well.

That's it for now more later.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Help and Complaints.

OK lets lead this 3fold post off with a quick book report. I just finished Brothers of the Snake, and well WOW definitely a 5 star read. Abnett really captured Space Marines in that book, I laughed I cried (not really) but I was saddened several times and I ducked for cover. It totally made up for the 1 star Deathwing which I only give 1 star because it had 2 ok DA stories in it. I also finished Angels of Darkness just before Brothers and that was a good 4 star. Truly made me want to be the Fallen even more. But if you want a good read and you haven't read it already, Brothers of the Snake is great.
Next let me say I hate EBAY, I have lost my last 3 auctions in as ebay customer support put it NANO seconds. Which is attributed to the fun ebay snipe programs. Which I asked Ebay about and they would only say, "we're sorry we do know about these programs hacking our system, but, we aren't going to do anything about it." I was Especially pissed last night when I lost what would have been my new nids army in a Nano second. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been a measly dollar over me. No it was a nice 18.64 over me which shouldn't even be possilbe. And there were no bids above me just this great new 18.64 over mine that appeared as the 1 second marker went away. Stupid Ebay. Ok off that soapbox.
Finally if you have made it this far, I need some help from the Nid players, I am looking at making another army and it will be a Nid army. I want to do Only rendering claws and scything talons. No guns other than maybe a few bios and some zoanthropes. But those would be later. I just want a nice swarm around 2000 points. I'm thinking Genestealers, Flyrant, walking tyrant 2 fexes, 1 or 2 lichtors, some tyrant guard for the walker, and maybe some ravenors and the rippers. That's it no guns just pure melee death, if they make it. I like the nids and i like the horde army type, I really want these guys to just be basically (aliens) like the movies no guns just claws and teeth. Anyway what I need help with since I don't have a dex (thanks local hobby store) is from you nid players will this idea even work? I know its a super challenge but thats why I like it. I know I'm only using stealers but I dont know if there is a c/c gaunt style better than the stealers. But I just wanted some ideas on a good setup and if what I have listed is reasonable around the 2k point area. I may lower to 1500 or just add the zoans and bio's to push 2k. Anyway any nid help is greatly appreciated. Oh and should you have a nid army laying around you want to sell, hollar I may be interested. STUPID EBAY!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BAT. REP. DA vs NECs and 1K

Well to lead off I hit 1000 hits yay.
Anyway on to the game, this is just a quick comprehensive and there are no pics as my new base was involved and It's a secret. Here goes.
Setup-take and hold and four corner's with center objective setup. 1250 points.
I took my usual DA list but dropped a few extras to get the beefed up crusader put in.
Lach took the list that fought my scouts, which gives a good setup point.

++Having received the news that several vehicles and many of the newer members of 10th company fell on a mysterious tomb world, Belial pondered over the reports of action. Seeing it as a secondary target to other more ominous threats in the sector he began to discard the file. Then he saw it, the death report of captain (insert name I haven't named them all yet) and his entire squad. Furios with the loss of one of his captain he set out to the armory. No retribution would be given to the foul xenos, the thought hit him and he lay down his sword and removed the twin lightning claws from there case. After assembling 17 of his finest and Belials personal chaplain the team set off to the last known coordinates of the lost captain. Arriving several weeks later on the planet Belial set down on the last known location and found the Necron lot attempting to excavate and ancient relic (old f-15 cockpit and downed pilot awesome objective btw). The field was set Belail drove ahead into cover in his crusader. The necrons saw him and attempted to thwart his actions. The necron monolith began its move towards the crusader. All would be to no avail. The crusader suffered only a minor systems malfunction and lost its targeting systems. Then Belial disembarked and his honor gaurd let loose the power of the emperor on the necron lord and his squad. Few would fall but there cleansing was not in shots it would be in hand to hand death. One of Belials 12 squads also entered the battle and began its journey towards the objective with no enemies wihtin range. Belials team hit the nexrons hard and swift. The loss of a member spurred great fury and the necron team was destroyed. The lord survived the assault barely. The monolith retargeted forgetting the crusader and attempted to destroy Belial, the show would go amiss and the Belial set his sites upon a group of warriors hiding on a hill. The Necron lord would bring several of his fallen squad back and they join up with the nearest squad of warriors. The Lord uses his ancient witchery and teleports himself and some warriors away from belial. They land behind the other squad of terminators, and after a bad teleport several members of the necrons team perish to the warp. 1 terminator falls to shooting as a squad of wraiths appear and assault them. The fighting was fierce and 1 wraith is crushed. meanwhile Belilal drives his team forward and assaults the waiting necrons on the hill. The crusader retargets the monolith and a super shot with the melta destroys the xeno temple. Belial tears into the xeno scum and lets one warrior live long enough to run. It is soon shot down by a bolter as it attempts to flee the battle. The necrons attempt to rally but to no avail. Belials fury shall not be stopped. several more close combat battles will be fought as well as another squad of terminators joining the fight. The two squads meet the wraiths and warriors head on and with the loss of 1 manage to destroy the warriors the pesky wraiths hang on long enough to let there lord escape. The crusader commander attempts to drive him down but misses. Belial watches from the hill as his squads mop up and the last remaining necrons begin to leave the field. He cares not for the relic and decides to destroy the world from orbit. He leaves the field with a sense of justice served.++
Ok that was my attempt at making it a story and not a point by point article. 1st try I'll get better I promise. The game was great fun. I was just happy to take the mono down. It ended in a draw cause stupidly i smelled blood and sent my 2nd squad of terminators into c/c instead of holding the objective (dumb). It ended in turn 5 on a dice roll of 1. we played out 6 for fun and I would manage to take the wraiths down and the lord got runover in death or glory by the crusader. Big thing I learned was remember that LRC's are assault. I let Belial and his boys take a round of shooting because i deployed to move and shoot. I forgot he can assault out of the crusader on the turn it hits the enemy. Since Lach and I do not concede to what ifs I won't list a who won by points etc. It was a draw and was a fun game and as Lach. put it he finally didn't phase out. I think he had fun too even though I know he hates the termies. He is learning at a huge rate how to take down my boys and I'm having to learn new ways to take on his necs each time we play.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Belial loves magnets..

So I finally got over the scared feeling and got out the drill. After a few pilot holes and a few anxious moments I got the holes drilled. Then after several hesitant moments of making sure my polarities (I think that's right) matched I had his body and arms set for the finale.
The magnets are in place.
Today I'm thinking Lightning claws. (love when the dog hair gets in the shot DOH.)
Tomorrow I'm Thinking Swords and bolters.
No idea what I was thinking.

I really love the magnets. I think I sat here just watching his arms slide across the bed for about 5 minutes. With Bel. done I needed a base, with the 15th looming I needed a base. So I finished the base. Buuuuuut I didn't post him on it because that's for another day. Oh yeah also the poses aren't the ones he is actually in on the base but he wont stand with his arms on unless they were put exactly that way.
All that's left now is the standard bearer and the banner for him and the apoth.
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