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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The thirst consumes...

Sorry, it's been awhile, real life and family called and I was having some blog blues, like some others I've scene around lately. It made me sort of question whether or not I wanted to keep blogging. Sorry but I had to put word verification back. I don't need watches or Viagra or discount watches from Taiwan but for some reason I get alot of comments about it. I guess I'd rather have no comments than ultra spam. Then I got in a 40k funk and wondered if I wanted to keep playing. Then I bought all of Hive fleet nex and my entire tau hunter cadre name as of yet undecided, (thanks taxes.) at this point I also got the new BA codex. Am I glad well heck yes I am. This codex is exactly what I want in terms of space marines. Its assaulty which is what I want, I can have a plethora of dreads which is what I want. And it has a flyer which is what I want. So as of now I'm running my marines as blood angels. Since the DA aren't even on the rumor threads I think they will be back burned unless I wanna run my Deathwing. So as it stands now I'll have my assaulty BA, my assaulty Nids and my Shooty Tau, all three armies are exactly what I want them to be and it's making me happy to play again. Now if we could just find some opponents.
Anyway I have built several BA lists and settled on 4 that I really want to try. I'm gonna post the one I'm most excited well most excited until the storm raven model releases and then I'm running a 3 raven build. But here's my new what will be known as the Metal Militia...

Librarian, (still debating powers but probably lance/cover save.
6x 5 man assault squads no packs 5 with melta guns. (gotta love the point reductions for dedicated transports.)
Land raider crusader/Land raider redeemer/reg. Land raider. 3x Razorbacks with assault cannons.
2x Furioso with blood claws.
2x Baal Predators with heavy bolters.
--2000 pts--

The idea is to run the LR's up front covering the razors then open a hole and let the razors through. Use the av 14 wall and try to move up and make cover especially with the libby., inside one popping a cover save. the Baals flank each side with the furiosos behind them. This should cover flankers moving in and allows for the army that wants to skirt to get hit on either side by mass shots or dreads of doom. Plus the dreads can come over and assist the assault squads if need be. I know it's not a perfect list but it gives me 30 troops a good HQ and some nice options with armor and some decent anti armor/troops shots with some good counter assault measures. I am thinking of running it sort of like the 3 monolith list. Wish LR's had the living metal rule. And lastly as I don't want to repaint I have developed my back story and fluff and I shall leave you with LONG LIVE THE SANGUINUS KERMITUS!

As always thanks for reading and C/C always appreciated
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