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Thursday, October 8, 2009

planning and questions

Not really an update or anything, but, I've been reading all the new threads about Wolves and Guardsmen and I've been trying to build an effective yet fun tourny list. I'm building around a 2k point base as that is what the tourny I will most likely be going to again is set at. I have two army list set ups right now, 1-DA and 1-SM. They're kinda cheesy but I learned last tournament that just about everyones army is, and well i need some effective killing power with my DA while at the same time playing the boys that made me make a DA to begin with. The SM army is sorta just a fun army but with some elements that should let me pull a few cards from my sleeve. anyway, here goes the lists.

Belial and Int. Chaplain
Belials Term squad- Apothecary, Standard bearer, 2x Light. claws, pwr. weapon/storm bolter.
Term squad 1-Ass., chain fist/storm bolter, pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2x standard terms.
Term squad 2-pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2x chain fist/storm bolter, 2x standard terms.
Term squad 3-pwr weapon/storm bolter, 4x Light. claws
Term squad 4- Ass. can/chain fist, chain fist/storm bolter, pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2x standard terms.
(total of 5 termy squads Chaplain is attached to Belials unit.)
Land raider w/storm bolter (for unit 2)
Land raider crusader w/storm bolter (for light. claw unit 3)
-The other 3 term. units will be broke up and arrive via DW assault. All units are scoring. There's not alot of models but what's out there is tough. I know meltas are gonna be a problem, but I think I can survive some templates. Just have to see as theres not much of a group around here to play test it.

Chaplain w/jump pack
command squad- Apoth., champion, standard, sgt w/powerfist/plas. pistol, vet. w/pwr. weapon
5xman tactical- sgt. w/pwr. fist/plasma pistol, rhino w/ex. arm.
5xman tactical- sgt. w/pwr. weapon, rhino w/ex. arm.
10x Sternguard-combi melta, combi plas, melta, flamer, 6 bolters, rhino w/ex. arm.
6x Terms-Ass. can., 2x chainfists. pwr. weapon/storm bolter, 2xstandard term.
Ironclad Dread w/ass. launchers, hvy. flamer, Drop pod w/locater beacon.
8x Vanguard-1 Relic blade, 1 Thunder hammer, 8 jump packs, 6 pwr. weapons.
-Cheesy only taking 2 5 man tacs. but I really wanna use the stern and van. The dread is dead i'm ready for that he's a decoy though and maybe he kills some folks. The pod with the beacon is key, because the terms will deep strike in close to that for hopefully a survival turn then some assault damage. Drop the pod on some troops scatter an inch and then get some terms in. the rhinos move forward and cover drop the tacs on objectives then block. The stern move up and cover fire/pop some metal. The chaplain/shrike and vangaurd join up (see ?? below.) and infil. then move in and hopefully either a round 1 or at most round 2 assault hit and some death. the command squad hangs back behind the rhinos and provides a cover unit for an objective or hops in an empty rhino and moves forward after the tac squad leaves. Again hard to play test with no group to play with.

-Ideas, thoughts, gripes?

And now for my two questions, I've been reading the rules and my 2 codex's because during my last tourny I got hit with a rule I didn't know but I think it's not a rule.
1- Can bikers assault onto 2nd levels of buildings? There not listed as vehicles so technically you roll to see if they can via dangerous terrain if they pass they do, yes/no? I can't find it in the rules, I know vehicles can't but bikes are not listed as vehicles. I know jet bikes can but marine bikes aren't jet bikes. Little help here. Also if it's no can you give me some page numbers. Hopefully I wasn't cheated.
2- Does the command squad bought for a captain have to be attached to the captain? If so my shrike hit and run assault vanguard chaplain team just got seriously slowed down. So I may have to drop them and bring something else. Can't find a definitive ruling on that in the dex's or the rules either.

As always any comments or help is greatly appreciated.
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