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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giveaway 2 Winner!

Just did the drawing, all I did was take the 14 entries and each got a number 1 - 14. Then I went to a random number generator at random.org and put in 1 -14 and Viola! WE HAVE A WINNER. It was #9 Meatball, congratulations, you have 48 hours to email your specifics so I can get your prize ready to mail. You can get to my email from my profile. Thanks again to everyone who participated, I have a few things left that will go up in another giveaway soon so stay tuned. Also I think I may get back into my DA again. Thanks again everyone who participated.

More to come

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 days left on giveaway 2

GIVEAWAY 2 <-----Link
Just a quick update. I notice that HoA is finishing in 4 days (GL to everyone who is in that, make sure you get in and donate before it's to late. It's a great cause and an awesome chance to win an awesome awesome prize) and theres a lot of 40k events happening in the next few weeks so I'm gonna close giveaway 2 on Friday night at midnight and I'll announce the winner saturaday Morningish after I randomly select the winner. So that means theres only these last 3 days left to win. Just follow the link above to secure a chance of winning.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Gray Knights vs' Necrons.(BatRep)

So before the batrep heres a quick link to my latest FREE MODEL GIVEAWAY. click it and head on over to see if you can be the next winner.
WARMACHINE <----Link... So on to the batrep, tonight Lach and I got back into the game and decided to do a 2K game of GK vs Necs. hmmmm where to go from here well this about sums it up for me

Yep my poor new Gray Knights got destroyed. Of course I forgot alot and played em horribly, but Lach brought it to me hard and mean. His 2 monoliths blew holes in my Inquisitors, terminators and my vehicles. His deceiver ripped apart my Pallys. And It spiralled down hill from there with me only killing a squad of wraiths and a lord (who got back up) and some Immortals and warriors. (Good job castling and making me come to you Lach, Kings to you.) On a good note the Pallys took a ton of shooting fire and laughed it off. Then they got assaulted and dies. Double stength weapons even destroy paladins. Good notes, My vindicare turbo penetrateing a monolith and destroying it, but I forgot the vehicle damage table and didn't destroy it, stupid on my part. My Inq. Chimera Tanks shocking a Nec warrior who died in a death or glory stand then the chimera not getting destroyed after 15 things shot into it. The pallys can take a ton of fire and the Apothecary with FNP is sweet. Bad notes, Inquisitors...I can't say if they're good or not a monolith destroyed both of them and there retinues in 2 different rounds. So I have no idea if the sqaud works other than psychers getting there cool psychic shot. I may have to try this list again or drop the INQ'a and get a libby and a lord. More play testing will tell. It was good to be playing again though, and I enjoyed hanging with Lach and getting a game in even if I did lose. I forgot a lot of rules stuff though in the year off. I just dont memorize the book like I need to, but I have alot of other stuff in my head that I need to keep in there so it looks like back to the rule books for me...But wait isn't 6th right around the corner. Anyway thanks for reading, Oh if you want to know the lists mine was 2 inquisitors with retinues a vindicare, 5 man pally, 2 5xMan term squads, Chimera, LRC, and a dread. I wont bore you with the details of each squad setup. Lach had 2 monoliths, 3 wraiths a destroyer lord, 2 squads of 3 destroyers, 10 Immortals, and 30 warriors with a Deciever running loose. Gause weapons are mean and I still say updated or not Necs are a very strong and formidable army if played right.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Found these laying about in a bit box....and figured since I dont play Warmachine these boys need a new home.
So here they are. 4 NIB Warmachine blisters. 2 Winterguard mortars, 1 Khador Manhunter and 1 Herne and Jonne. All you gotta do to win them is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment on this post. The contest will run for about a week again. Last giveaway only had two people but there was still a winner and he received his free models. So step up and sign up if you'd like to win some FREE Warmachine blisters, I even cover the shipping. GOOD LUCK to anyone who participates and as always thanks for reading.
More later,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The winner is......

FREE.....The contest link.
The winner of the first giveaway is Dragi. Congratulations. To pick the winner I took the two people that posted and flipped a coin. Ranma was heads, Dragi was tails. It came up tails.
So congratulations again Dragi, just send me an email with your address and I will ship the models out to you ASAP. You can get to my email address from my profile. If theres a problem just post here and i'll get back with you. You have 48 hours to claim.
Thanks to both of you for participating.
The next giveaway will post in a few days It will be for 2 Khador Wintergaurd mortar crews, a Manhunter and Herne and Jonne. All NIB.
More later

One day left....

Just one day left to win, as it looks right now Ran, will be the winner but you never can tell. The contest ends tomorrow. I will try a second one after it finishes with some old Warmachine stuff I got and if that goes any better then I'll try the 40k stuff. Last chance on this one though, just click the link, be a follower and add a comment.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick update..only 5 days left...

Just a small update here. FInished the majority of my first Storm Raven last night. Why did gw think we needed to self adhere the cockpit crossbars. Really you couldnt have just made it one piece? Oh well minus that one broken and repaired cross bar and a small glue mishap she came out quite well. I'll post her up with my Knights in a few days. Also only 5 days left to win my first FREE GIVE AWAY. Only have 1 taker so far. FREE there's the link, just gotta follow my blog and leave a comment.
More later

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FREE STUFF and a review.

So as I promised a while back I had some old stuff laying around that I will never use or paint or do anything with so......I am giving it away for free. No it's not a pay it forward. I never got the one I won so I am just giving them away. All you gotta do to win it is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment on this post. Pretty simple. The result of this give away will help me decide if i wanna do the next one. So, here's what I got for grabs
2 LOTR Wraiths on foot, 1 Battletech Spider Light Mech, and some Reaper Samurais (1 leader guy, I can't find a model example of him anymore and 5 Aramoro models.) They have all been primed black but that can easily be removed in a nice strip soak bath. The Samurais all have a bolt pistol attached to a hand, they're from the time I thought it would be cool to make a japanese space marine force, then got told I couldn't play them ever in a tourny. They all need a good home and mine isn't it anymore sadly.
This is a example of the Aramoro model that there are 5 of.
Like I said, just be a follower and leave a comment on this thread. I'll stop the give away on Thur. the 7th of July at 1201 AM and announce the winner they can then get back to me with there address and the package will go out ASAP after that, I'll even cover shipping. If this goes well then I'll do give away 2 which is a few 40k figues.
Lastly a quick review of my new bases. I made a large order of Alien themed bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures a few weeks back so I could get Hive Fleet Nex based and ready. They came in a few days ago and let me just say WOW! I love em' Secret Weapon out did themselves. The bases are awesome and I couldn't be happier with them. If you are debating making a purchase go ahead and do it there bases are spectacular and there's not even any paint on them yet.
More later, and Good Luck.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The greates Thing I've ever made. She's Finally here.

Well as promised several weeks back. THe greatest thing I've ever made is here. She weighed in at 7lbs 10oz and was 19.5 inches long. She was born at 1:41 PM on 6/6/11. Her name is Emma and she is without a doubt the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I am in awe of her every time I look at her. It's awesome being a dad, here's a few shots of her.

And lastly while I've been up at night with her while the misses sleeps I have been working on finishing Hive fleet Nex. They are now done minus the bases I still have to order. The last 24 Hgauts are done and the 3 homemade Tyrant guard are done. I know some people wont like them and I hope some do. Ultimately though I like them, I hate the current model. I wanted my gaurd to be sort of mini carnifexes that just run around stupidly until they are told to block or kill by the Tyrant. So I started kit bashing and using spare parts and made my 3 unique Tyrant Guard. All made from 100% GW parts, I even added a few extra claw bits to make the crusing claws look more like large claws, so I can call them rending, I love the look of crushing claws. Anyway here they are. Sorry for the bad shots, camera was dying and I grabbed what I could.
As always thanks for reading/looking. THoughts are always greatly appreciated. More later, also the first of a few of my giveaways.

Friday, May 27, 2011

On the Grey Knight boat....

Well things have calmed and gotten somewhat back to normal so I'm back at the K game. I decided to hop on the GK boat. But not in the typical internet spam list knights. I know I know but that's how you win. Oh well sorry, I like story and theme, I just wanna have fun with the game. IF you've seen my Nids list you know this (no guns at all I must be crazy. Oh well.) Anyway Here is what I'm thinking for my GK list. I used to play a small Inquisitor force pre new codex so now it just seems right to build on that.

Inquis. Master (just for fluffs sake)
Retinue-Banisher, 2xCrusader, Deathcult Assassin, 4xServitors, 3xPsychers
Inquis. (Trainee)
Vindicare Assassin
5xPaladins 1 as a Apothecary
2-5 Man terminator squads w/Thawn
Chimera and a Storm Raven

Totals at 1510 points or drop 2 pallys to get 1345 for 1500 point games. As is I have room to add a LR instead of the Command Chimera, and a few dreads for 2K games. Also gotta add in some wargear. My theory is, I always picture the GK pictures from the old codex where its like 15 guys vs' 300 demons. That's pretty much what this is a small insertion force sent in to analyze and report but if things get to it they can defend there own till the larger fleet arrives. I may switch it out and bring in a Librarian for one of the inquisitors though.
Anyway, that's all for now, Still got some gants to build to finish Hive fleet Nex, then I got my Tau to build, but I may wait to see what/when they are getting a new codex. So I may do the GK after the nids. I got some DE wyhces to convert up a few Deathcult assassins, I don't like GW's current model.
Also I went through the closet and found some stuff I'm never gonna build, so, I'm gonna be having a few giveaways here in the next week or so. Though it could be a little delayed as my new baby girl should be here any day now.
Thanks for reading,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'll be off the net for a few days.

Well if you've been watching TV at all you know what hit Alabama. I know first hand because I was sheltered down inside our precinct when it hit right on top of us. It has been an incredibly long day. And I'm about to go back out. This was the worst tragedy I've been in since i worked in KAtrina in the Air Force. Just say a little prayer for all of those that are still lost out there and for the ones who ahve already lost.
All of the officers in Tuscaloosa have been accounted for and there immediate families are all ok as well. We are in a national emergency status now so I wont be on much for about the next week or so. I'll get some more model stuff done up later but right now it's back burnered.
This is what hit us

This is whats left of the side of town I work on, it pretty much all looks like this.

More at a later date,

Friday, April 22, 2011


So I managed to get up with Lach today and get the last 4 big bugs done, only 24 Hgaunts to go and 3 homegrown tyrant gaurd. I'm especially looking forward to the tyrant gaurd now as I have scene what Lach can do with a drill and a saw (see below).
First up are the 2 Trygons and the new mega fex. First let me say CMON GW really coulddn't you build the spore stacks already attached. Gluing those took forever. Trying to line them up and seat em right was ridiculous. The rest of the modes was pretty easy and I got lots of fun bits to play with now. The fex well hes had some mutations. I really love crusher claws but I don't really use em. So we were sitting there and I thoght hmm what if he had all 4 talons and claws. So....we lach drilled some holes and VIOLA Mega Fex.

Last is the Flyrant, I really am in love with her. Lach out did himself. This is what we started with.

(image used without GW permission will be removed at their request)
Then we started kit bashing and Lach started surgery. This is what we ended with. I am thoroughly pleased with her. And after a quick once over and some paint she's gonna be a mean little beauty.

She's unique and the best part she's 100% GW so shes tournament worhty. Thanks again Lach.
As always thanks for reading and more later.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

As promised pictures of my work(s) in progress

I have been steadily working at it for the past few weeks. Well since I last posted actually. As of tonight the last 3 warriors are finished and that just leaves 2 Trygons a Carnifex, a Flyrant and 3 Tyrant Guard but I have to order some bits for them. I'll be making homemade gaurd, I do not like the current models. Hive fleet Nex is in full efect and I should be knocking out the last few big bugs tomorrow, (hopefully.) It's planned but we'll see if it comes to fruition. Oh my new Sterngaurd and Vangaurd vets are in there too, I went ahead and knocked them out in that time frame as well. I'll be needing them after the Furioso, Stormraven and new Termys come in for my birthday. It's amazing what a plan can do for you.

My greatest creation ever is a about a month away now...and the anticipation is eating me alive. Here's what I've been doing with my old office, aka Emma's room. It's pretty much done just gotta clean up from getting all the shower presents built and put away. I still can't believe it and she's almost here. Just a few shots of her girl cave, my new man cave is almost as good as it used to be just a little less space, but atleast I still have it. More to come on her in about a month give or take.

So after Nex its time to knock out the Tau boys (name still coming) and I need to check the bank cause I gotta make a purchase from Secret Weapon Minis. Alien themed bases are gonna look sweet with the hive fleet.
Anyway, thanks for reading, and more to come.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dejavu.....I've said this before.

Well its been a little over a year since my last post,and I know I said I was back when the Blood Angels came out, but I got sucked back into WoW (which I am bored with now for the most part) and life has given me a great big whirl. More to come on that with pictures. I have been building again though, and not just models. The greatest thing I've ever built should arrive in just about 7 more weeks and I'm excited beyond words. But I have been back in the modeling chair and have completed several models here recently. I even developed a model building plan, where if I build a certain number of troops I earn a tank or a Trygon or something cool. I recently earned myself a Land Raider and am 6 models away from a Trygon. I am excited about the game again and hope to keep it that way. I'll be posting more again and will have pictures of the new models, the new room I had to build that moved me into my new room, and in 7 weeks give or take my new addition. More to come I promise. I even found a group of gamers in Tuscaloosa finally and hopefully I will be able to get back into some games with Lach and the new gamers here in the near future. Special thanks to those of you that kept me in your blog rolls.
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