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Friday, July 15, 2011

Gray Knights vs' Necrons.(BatRep)

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WARMACHINE <----Link... So on to the batrep, tonight Lach and I got back into the game and decided to do a 2K game of GK vs Necs. hmmmm where to go from here well this about sums it up for me

Yep my poor new Gray Knights got destroyed. Of course I forgot alot and played em horribly, but Lach brought it to me hard and mean. His 2 monoliths blew holes in my Inquisitors, terminators and my vehicles. His deceiver ripped apart my Pallys. And It spiralled down hill from there with me only killing a squad of wraiths and a lord (who got back up) and some Immortals and warriors. (Good job castling and making me come to you Lach, Kings to you.) On a good note the Pallys took a ton of shooting fire and laughed it off. Then they got assaulted and dies. Double stength weapons even destroy paladins. Good notes, My vindicare turbo penetrateing a monolith and destroying it, but I forgot the vehicle damage table and didn't destroy it, stupid on my part. My Inq. Chimera Tanks shocking a Nec warrior who died in a death or glory stand then the chimera not getting destroyed after 15 things shot into it. The pallys can take a ton of fire and the Apothecary with FNP is sweet. Bad notes, Inquisitors...I can't say if they're good or not a monolith destroyed both of them and there retinues in 2 different rounds. So I have no idea if the sqaud works other than psychers getting there cool psychic shot. I may have to try this list again or drop the INQ'a and get a libby and a lord. More play testing will tell. It was good to be playing again though, and I enjoyed hanging with Lach and getting a game in even if I did lose. I forgot a lot of rules stuff though in the year off. I just dont memorize the book like I need to, but I have alot of other stuff in my head that I need to keep in there so it looks like back to the rule books for me...But wait isn't 6th right around the corner. Anyway thanks for reading, Oh if you want to know the lists mine was 2 inquisitors with retinues a vindicare, 5 man pally, 2 5xMan term squads, Chimera, LRC, and a dread. I wont bore you with the details of each squad setup. Lach had 2 monoliths, 3 wraiths a destroyer lord, 2 squads of 3 destroyers, 10 Immortals, and 30 warriors with a Deciever running loose. Gause weapons are mean and I still say updated or not Necs are a very strong and formidable army if played right.

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