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Friday, May 27, 2011

On the Grey Knight boat....

Well things have calmed and gotten somewhat back to normal so I'm back at the K game. I decided to hop on the GK boat. But not in the typical internet spam list knights. I know I know but that's how you win. Oh well sorry, I like story and theme, I just wanna have fun with the game. IF you've seen my Nids list you know this (no guns at all I must be crazy. Oh well.) Anyway Here is what I'm thinking for my GK list. I used to play a small Inquisitor force pre new codex so now it just seems right to build on that.

Inquis. Master (just for fluffs sake)
Retinue-Banisher, 2xCrusader, Deathcult Assassin, 4xServitors, 3xPsychers
Inquis. (Trainee)
Vindicare Assassin
5xPaladins 1 as a Apothecary
2-5 Man terminator squads w/Thawn
Chimera and a Storm Raven

Totals at 1510 points or drop 2 pallys to get 1345 for 1500 point games. As is I have room to add a LR instead of the Command Chimera, and a few dreads for 2K games. Also gotta add in some wargear. My theory is, I always picture the GK pictures from the old codex where its like 15 guys vs' 300 demons. That's pretty much what this is a small insertion force sent in to analyze and report but if things get to it they can defend there own till the larger fleet arrives. I may switch it out and bring in a Librarian for one of the inquisitors though.
Anyway, that's all for now, Still got some gants to build to finish Hive fleet Nex, then I got my Tau to build, but I may wait to see what/when they are getting a new codex. So I may do the GK after the nids. I got some DE wyhces to convert up a few Deathcult assassins, I don't like GW's current model.
Also I went through the closet and found some stuff I'm never gonna build, so, I'm gonna be having a few giveaways here in the next week or so. Though it could be a little delayed as my new baby girl should be here any day now.
Thanks for reading,
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