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Sunday, February 28, 2010

parts 3 AND 4.......21-42

Image used without permission.

Get a snack and something to drink cause this ones a long one folks, I meant to post 3 yesterday but some family stuff came up and I couldn't get around to posting it. So here we go.


pg 21-What Counts As Cover- Cover is BASICALLY anything that is hiding a target or protecting it from incoming shots.

pg 21-When Are Models In Cover-When any part of the target models body is obscured from the point of view of the firer, that model is in cover.

pg 21-Intervening Models- If a target is partially hidden from the firer's view by other models, it gets a 4+ cover save. Decorative elements on a models base do not provide cover saves.

pg 22-Inside Area Terrain- Models whose bases are partially inside area terrain are in cover, REGARDLESS, of the direction the shot is coming from.

pg 22-Units Partially In Cover- If half or more of the models in a target unit are in cover then the entire unit is deemed to be in cover and the entire unit receives a cover save. If less than half are in cover then the unit does not receive the cover save.


pg 24- Going To Ground- Units that have gone to ground may do nothing, but will react normally if affected by enemy actions, (ie. morale checks, falling back, etc.) Units that have gone to ground and are assaulted do not receive an advantage form being in cover.

pg 24- Models With More Than One Save- Units that can benefit from different types of cover will use the best possible cover save available.

pg25- Complex Units- Players must allocate one wound to each model in a target unit, BEFORE, they can allocate a second wound to the same model.

pg 26- Instant Death- If a model suffers an unsaved wound from an attack that has a strength value of double its toughness value or greater, it is killed outright and removed. Models with more than one wound are affected by this rule as well and are removed immediately regardless of how many wounds remain. Models who gain bonuses to their (T) from wargear do not receive the bonus in regards to insta-death weapons.

pg 26- units With Multiple Wounds- You must remove one UNWOUNDED model for each unsaved wound that causes insta-death and then proceed as normal when allocating wounds. This is done for each group of identical multiple wound models.

pg 27- Strength- When rolling to wound for shooting hits, you use the (S) value of the weapon not the (s) value of the firer.

pg 28- Rapid Fire Weapons- Models armed with a rapid fire weapon can move and fire two shots at targets up to 12" away. Models that shoot with rapid fire weapons in the shooting phase cannot assault into close combat in the ensuing assault phase.

pg 28- Assault Weapons- Models carrying assault weapons can fire in the shooting phase and still assault in the assault phase.

pg 29- Pistols- A pistol weapon counts as a close combat weapon in the assault phase.

pg 29- Template- These models do not need to roll to hit. The narrow end of the template is placed at the tip of the firing weapon and then any models fully or partially under the template are hit.
Template weapons Ignore cover. Wounds Inflicted DO NOT have to be taken from models that are under the template.

pg 30- BLAST- When firing a blast weapon models do not roll to hit, instead place the blast marker so that the center hole of the marker is over the base or hull of the target model.
Blast shots may not land exactly where placed and may scatter. Roll 2D6 and a scatter dice (dice with arrows and a bulls eye printed on it) to see where the shot lands. If an arrow is rolled shift the template in the direction indicated by the arrow. the distance is figured by taking the result of the 2D6 and subtracting the firers (BS).

pg 31- Gets Hot- For each result of a 1 on a roll to hit with a Gets Hot weapon, the firer suffers a wound. Normal saves are allowed to be taken form this damage. Gets Hot blast weapons still require you to roll even though you are not required to roll to hit with blast weapons. On a 1 you follow the Gets Hot rules and the shot misses outright.

pg 31- RENDING- Any to wound roll of a 6 by a rending weapon automatically causes a wound regardless of the (T) of the receiving model. This wound counts as AP2, and against vehicles allows for a further D3 to be rolled.

pg 31- Sniper- Sniper weapons wound on a 4+ regardless of the victims toughness (T). All sniper weapons are Rending and Pinning weapons.

pg 32- Barrage- All barrage weapons use blast markers.
All barrage weapons are Pinning.
Barrage weapons can fire at a target they cannot see, but if they do this the BS of the firer makes no difference and the shot will scatter a full 2D6.

pg 32- Melta- Melta weapons roll an extra D6 when rolling to penetrate a vehicles armour at half range or less.

pg 32- Lance- Lance weapons count all vehicle armour values higher than 12 as 12.


pg 33- ASSAULT PHASE SUMMARY CHART- Details the course of action of an assault.

pg 33- Disallowed Assaults- Units may not assault if They are locked in C/C, The ran in the shooting phase, They have gone to ground, They shot rapid fire weapons or heavy weapons, or are falling back.
A unit that has shot can only assault the unit it shot at during the shooting phase.

pg 34- Moving Assaulting Models- All of the models in an assaulting unit make their assault move following the same rules as in the Movement phase, except now they may be moved within 1" of an enemy model. All other restrictions apply.
All models must end their assault move within coherency of another model in their own unit.
If a model cannot reach an enemy model it must try to move within 2" of its own units models that are already in base to base contact.

pg 34- Defenders React- After all assault moves have been made, the player controlling the units that have been assaulted, must move any member of these units that is not yet in base to base contact with a foe towards the enemy.

pg 35- Who Can Fight- Units with at least one or more models in base to base contact with the enemy are considered to be in C/C. Additionally models that are within 2" of at least one model in their unit that is in base contact with an enemy model are engaged in the C/C and will attack.

pg 35- Cool Picture of some Imperial Guard Catachan killing some stinking Orks.

pg 36- Who Strikes First- In C/C a models Initiative characteristic (I) determines who strikes first. Start with the highest value and work your way down. If both side have models with the same (I) value then those models will go at the same time. If a model with a low initiative is killed by a model with a higher initiative it does not get to attack and is removed as a casualty.

pg 37- Number Of Attacks- Each model in a C/C strikes with the number of Attacks (A) listed in its character profile, plus the following bonus attacks. +1 for being the engaging unit (you assaulted.) +1 models with two close combat weapons, but you only get one regardless of how many single handed weapons you have. Other bonuses may be included for special models or for specialty wargear.

pg 37- Rolling to Hit- Rolls to hit are determined in C/C by comparing both models WS (weapon skill.) If the targets WS is lower than the attackers, he hits on a 3+, if it is equal to or up to twice as high the attacker hits on a 4+. If it is over twice as much the attacker hits on a 5+.
There's a very handy chart at the bottom of this page for quick and easy referencing.

pg 38- Rolling To Wound- To see if you have wounded in the assault phase compare the Strength of the attacking model with the toughness of the victims model. There is also a chart at the bottom of this page that can be used to quickly reference the rolls you will need to wound in C/C.

pg 39- Allocating Wounds-Wounds are allocated, in C/C exactly like the same as they are for shooting as listed on pg 25.

pg 39- Taking Saves- Cover does not provide protection in close combat.

pg 39- Removing Casualties- If a model becomes a casualty before it has an opportunity to attack, then it may not strike back.

pg 39- Determine Assault Results- To decide who has won the C/C total up the total number of unsaved wounds inflicted by each side on their opponents. The losing side must take a morale check and will fall back if they fail.

pg 39- Check Morale- Units that lose a C/C must take a morale check. If they fail, they will fall back.

pg 40- Sweeping Advance- Both the unit falling back and the winning unit roll a D6 and add their Initiative value to the result. Always count the (I) value from the models profile without any modifiers.
If the winning units total is higher they catch the fleeing unit and destroy them. They are killed and removed.
If the falling back units total is higher they break off successfully. They make a fall back move and the winner makes a consolidation move.

pg 40- Disallowed Sweeping Advances- If a victorious unit is still locked in combat with other units that are not falling back, it does not get the chance to sweeping advance, and the retreating enemy falls back safely.

pg 40- Consolidation- At the end of combat if a units opponents are all destroyed or falling back the unit may make a consolidation move. They roll 1D6 for movement and may move in any direction. Units making a consolidation move are not slowed by difficult terrain and do not trigger dangerous terrain tests.

pg 41- Attacking- In multiple combats, when its time for a model to attack the following rules apply. Models that were engaged with just one of the enemy units at the beginning of the combat must attack that unit. Models that were engaged with more than one enemy at the beginning of combat may split their attacks freely between those units. You must declare how those attacks are being split. Lastly THE NEW UPDATED ERRATA/FAQ BULLET Models that at the beginning of the combat were engaged with more than one enemy unit, but were in base contact with just one of the enemy units, must attack that unit.

pg 42- CLOSE COMBAT WEAPONS- Listings of all the C/C weapons available in the game. Some weapons of note with some special rules, Power Weapons, Force Weapons, Poisoned weapons, Power Fists/Claws, Thunder Hammers, Rending, Yeah pretty much the whole list, read it at your leisure.

That's all for this update. If you read through all of this one THANKS. Hopefully it helped somebody out a little bit. As always comments/questions are appreciated. More to come later.
Oh and I have a new found Love for some Tau and I think I'm gonna be building a small Tau army as well as my Nids. More on that later.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to Basics pt.2.....11-19

Picture used without permission.

Here's part two of my ongoing series to outiline some good to know things from the BRB rules. Note this was supposed to go to page 20. However page 20 starts saves and continues into weapons. That will be part 3. So without further hesitation....Part 2

pg11- Movement Distance- The standard infantry movement is 6" (6 inches.) Models cannot move through a space occupied by another model, (represented by the modes base or hull.) or through a gap that is smaller than its base. A model may not move within 1" of an enemy model except during the assault phase.

pg 11- Different movement distances in a unit-All the models in a unit move at the speed of the slowest model.

pg11- Turning and facing-Dont worry about which direction your models are facing in the movement phase. They can be turned to face the enemy in the shooting phase.

pg12- Unit Coherency-Once a unit is finished moving, the distance between one model and the next should be no more than 2". If a unit loses coherency during the game due to casualties, then the unit must be moved in a way to restore coherency in it's next movement phase, if able.

pg13- Terrain Types- There are three general classes of terrain.
1-Clear terrain- can be moved across without any penalty.
2-Difficult terrain- slows down models who are attempting to move through it and may sometimes be dangerous.
3-Impassable terrain- Cannot be moved into or across.

pg13- Guidelines on bategorising terrain- It is important that YOU AND YOUR OPPONENT agree what class of terrain each feature on the board falls into before starting your game.

pg14- Moving through difficult terrain- If any model in a unit starts its move inside difficult terrain, the unit must take a difficult terrain test, (roll 2D6 and pick the highest-This is the max distance the unit may move.) If a unit starts it's move outside of difficult terrain and wishes to move inside it the player must declare this. The player then takes the dangerous terrain test and moves as far as possible into the terrain. If the distance rolled is to short for any models to reach the terrain, the unit is still slowed down. If you take the test and do not wish to move the models,(you changed your mind) once the dice are rolled the models count as having moved.

pg14- Dangerous terrain- Roll a D6 for every model that has entered, left or moved through one or more areas of dangerous terrain during its move.On a roll of a 1 the model(s) take a wound with no armor or cover saves allowed.

pg15- The Shooting Sequence- The order of fire. Check line of sight and pick a target, Check your range, Roll to hit, Roll to wound, Take saves and remove the dead.

pg15- Disallowed Shooting- Sometime you may not be able to shoot with a unit. There are several differnet reasons why a unit may not be able to shoot. Two very common reasons are, The unit has run and Units locked in close combat.

pg16- RUN!!-During the shooting phase units may elect to not shoot and instead run. To run roll 1D6 and move the distance indicated. Running is not affected by difficult terrain.

pg16- Which models can fire?- All models in a firing unit that have line of sight (LOS) to at least one model in a target unit can fire. A player can choose to not fire with certain models in a unit.

pg17- Roll to hit- To hit, subtract your BS (ballistic skill) from 7. The outcome is the number you need on D6 to hit your target. When rolling to hit, a roll of a 1 is automatically a miss.

pg18- BS6 or better- If a model has a BS of 6 or higher, you may re-roll to hit whenever you roll a 1. However the second roll normally has a lower chance of hitting.

pg18- Cool picture of some marines hodling off a horde. Notice the chapter banner carrier at the top of the hill. He's missing an arm but he's still in the fight. Nothing says hardcore like beating aliens to death with a flagpole.

pg19- Roll to wound- To find out if you wound a model compare the strength of the weapon with the toughness of the enemy model. There is a chart on page 19 that will help you with this. Run the chart and find the number you need to roll on a D6 to cause a wound.

pg19- Multiple Toughness values- Roll to wound using the Toughness characteristic that is the majority of the enemy unit. If there is NO majority use the highest value in the enemy unit.

pg19- Cocked dice and Dice on the floor- Dice that roll off the table and onto the floor never count and should be re-rolled. Cocked dice are generally re-rolled if the outcome is unattainable. It is perfectly alright to roll your dice on a tray or to the side of the board in a box lid. When in doubt ask your opponent if it's ok with them.

Thats all for now. As always thanks for reading. Questions and comments are always greatly appreciated. This article has been paraphreased in certain areas. It is in no way to be taken as the total one and only rules set for 40K. It is merely highlights and areas of note taken from the BRB.
More later,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to the BASICS...1-10

So I've noticed that basic rules and other rules questions are showing up quite frequently now in our blogs. Several of these have actually been introduced by me coming from games I have recently played. I've also noticed a few of us myself included are popping the old BRB (basic rule book) out and re-reading and taking notes. I have noticed in a few recent games and even in my last tournaments that some of the most basic of rules is misread or not followed or just not known,(this also includes me) by players. Some of this can be attributed to not knowing the rules, trying to learn another new edition, I still revert to 3rd every now and then and 4th pops up all the time. However I always have the book handy and if the question nags at me I pop it out and verify. Usually I find that I am wrong. So in an effort to throw out some things and maybe help out some newer players who haven't really fine toothed the book like some of us I am going to put together a few posts going over a few things from the rulebook I think are good to know. This isn't a totally rewritten rule book as GW would fry me. I am just going to go through 10 pages at a time and throw out some things.
without further waiting pages 1-10 (most likely the smallest of reviews as it's very very basic welcome to the game stuff.)

Pg2-(probably the most important rule of the game(s)) "the most important rule is that rules aren't all that important. So long as both players agree, you can treat them as guidelines. the choice is entirely yours." this goes into conjunction with the paragraph above it that states this important statement, "winning at any cost is less important than making sure both players-not just the victor-have a good time."
Essentially-HAVE FUN!!

Pg2- Rolling a D3, There are some 3 sided dies out there but I can name on 1 hand the number of people I know that have 1, (I do.) So, roll a D6 (six sided dice, your basic dice.) and halve the scores. 1 or 2 = 1, 3 or 4 = 2 and 5 or 6 = 3.

Pg2- modifying dice rolls, adding to dice (D6+1 etc.) or multiple dice rolls (2D6 etc.) and multipliers (D6x3 etc.) Pretty basic I know, to add you just roll a D6 and add the number they tell you. Multiples you just roll the listed number of D6's. And multipliers you roll your D6(s) and take the result then multiply it by the listed number.

Pg3- Bases. "Some players like to mount their models on impressive scenic bases. As mounting your models on different size bases might affect the way they interact with the rules, make sure before game that your opponent does not mind this.
I do this a lot for some of my named characters. I always ask if it's cool with the person I'm playing if the model is acceptable. Usually it is because it's a benefit for them, they stand higher and he can reach them faster. This is also a benefit for me sometimes. I just think it looks really cool.

Pg6- (A) ATTACKS- This just happened recently and I thought you know what I can see how this can be mistaken if you haven't fully read the rules and are just starting. Your opponent says "what ya shooting?" You say, "The plasma pistol." He not knowing the plasma pistol setup says, "how many shots does it have?" You say, "ummm lets see his chart says he has 4 attacks."
Nope, the A characteristic indicates the number of dice a character rolls when fighting in close combat (C/C.) (shooting comes in the later pages)

Pg7- Multiple Modifiers- If a model has a combo. of rules or gear that "both" add to and multiply its characteristics, first multiply the base value then add your extra point(s). (ex. model with base S3 has +1S and double strength. Multiply S3 by 2, 2x3=6 then add the +1, 6+1=7, your new strength. Not the other way around.

Pg8- Characteristic tests- You roll 1D6 and try to be equal to or lower than your characteristic. However if a 6 is rolled you auto fail, and if a 1 is rolled you automatically pass.

Pg8- Leadership tests (morale checks) for these you roll 2D6 and the result needs to be equal to or lower than your base value.

Pg9- Turn sequence (three phases.)
1-Movement phase, you can move any of your units that are capable of moving in this round. You don't have to move anything.
2-Shooting phase, The player can shoot with any unit that can see an enemy unit and is able to shoot. This is also the phase in which you can RUN!!!
3-Assault phase, The player can move any of his units into assault with the enemy if they are in range and capable of assaulting. Both forces fight in the assault. More on this in the assault chapter.

Pg10- Really cool picture of some space marines killing some stinking orks.

That's all for this post. If you made it to here THANKS. Hopefully this helps at least one person somewhere. If it's just stupid and a waste of bandwidth someone please tell me and I won't do anymore, I can just finish up my notes and be done. I know these were pretty basic and simple but the first few pages are just the beginnings of the game not really into the meat and potatoes yet.
Thanks again, questions and comments always welcome, more later, OH and I also updated the NIDS poll please feel free to vote.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday night games and the new pics.

So we played 2 games Monday. Lach and I at 2000 points and then Lach and JC our new member at 1500.
Game 1 was My shrike force (marines) vs Lachs Necs. Long story short, we tied. And we spent a good deal of the game....Debating, (the wife has deemed it arguing.) this actually happened in both games. And I dunno why, I think we've both just gotten really competitive. I conceded on most things and am now doing a page by page rulebook re-read and taking notes. I was wrong on a few things, as was Lach and I'm the first to say I was wrong. One big question I have though is dreadnoughts in c/c. In walkers it says they still get an attack regardless of how many immobilized results etc. But it also says they roll on the damage table for vehicles. I had no arms left but was in an assault with his lord. he hit first and did a weapon destroyed. I had no weapons other than my feet to kick, i/e my one attack. I become immobile. Fine I still get to attack per the walker rules. However I get another weapon destroyed which per the vehicle table means I'm a wreck. I argued the fact I still had an attack because per the walker rules I still have an attack from being immobilized, so thechnically i'm not immobilized I still get to fight cause I basically just got immobilized again. In the end I just removed the dread. Maybe I'm just over thinking it. Maybe I'm wrong (probably am). Thoughts?
Anyway game 2 was necs vs' JC's Chaos it was his first big game and even though he lost 2 to 3 in KP's I think he had fun and will want to play some more. Sidenote OMG ABADDON is a BEAST!!!!
Oh and a YAY me side note I did manage to kill off the deceiver with pistol shooting from shrikes unit. woot. That's about it Pics are below, I'm hoping my I don't want to paint funk gets over soon. If not I still got a ton of stuff to build. Also I'm putting a poll on the side for my Nid army name, vote if you'd like to.

not a great shot but the side view of the homemade assault turret

The front ends of the Razorback and the new whirlwind with alternate launchers.

The Old crow Half track, converted into an assault cannon razorback. If it was half an inch taller there would be no difference in the 2 sizes. I added Ork truck wheels, an IG plow, And a homemade assault turret. I had a Rhino hatch on it but it didn't work with the Turret. Sorry about the darkness and the little bit of blur. I was trying a dark backdrop vs' a light for the resin.
As always thanks for reading, comments, critiques, etc are always appreciated.
more later

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little bit of dreadnought fun.

(Image taken from GW site and used without permission, it will be removed if asked.)

Was having a little dread fun and decided to see what kinda list I could build. Made up a quick 1500 that I may give a go later.

TROOPS-2-10 man squads in razorbacks with assault cannons.
here's the fun,
Elites- Dread w/melta, Dread w/melta, Dread w/melta
Heavy- Ven Dread w/ assault can., Ven dread w/ assault can., Ironclad w/flamer PODS for all 3.

-The troops and Forgefather hang in the back doing whatever. The three regular dreads move forward as best as possible. One ven and the ironclad pod in, in round 1 behind the lines. hopefully ven 2 comes in in 2. The dreads just run around and kill as much as they can. It's a silly list really but all the dread talk on the forums got me wanting to do something with all my dreads so I made this. I figure a lot of dead dreads, but you never know.

Lastly, I'm still looking for help with my command squad question,(does your captain have to be attached or not? See previous post.I can't figure out how to add a link.)if anyone can throw me a bone. And I also finished up three new models, Two razorbacks and a Whirlwind/rhino/razor (removable mounts.) One of the Razor's is a converted Old Crow Miniature model, Old Crow, has some really nice stuff plus they were friendly and easy to deal with, I'll be shopping with them again. I took pics but I have to hunt down my usb cord. I think it's somewhere in the vacation bags.

More later,

2 new lists and game question HELP!!!

So let me lead off with I got rid of word verification so maybe I can get some comments, (one can hope.)
First things here's the question i need help with. If you take a command squad for your SM captain does the captain have to be attached to it? The squad is not listed as a retinue or bodyguard etc as stated in the rulebook. There's nothing in the independent character area that I can find about it and there's no command squad entry in the brb. I am going under the impression that he can leave them behind to moniter from somewhere else in the field say with some of your other troops. Thoughts anyone?? And if you know of an exact place in the brb where it says he's stuck I'd love to know it so I can stop reading the same pages over and over.

And second here's the two lists im thinking about using in some games on Monday.

A List-
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr fist and plasma pistol.)
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr weapon)
10 assault marines (2 plasma pistols sgt with pwr weapon and plasma pistol melta bomb.)
10 assault marines w/o jump packs w/free pod (2 plasma pistols sgt with pwr weapon and plasma pistol melta bomb.)
5 assault terminators (2LC and 2TH/SS)
Land Raider Crusader
2 Venerable Dreads with assault cannons and drop pods 1w/loc.beacon
5 scouts (4 Snipers 1 Heavy Bolter all camom cloaks.)
-Idea is Shrike attaches to the 10 pack marines and infiltrates. pushing c/c as fast as possible. the dreads come in in round 1 the locator beacon is used for the no pack assault marines to get in close without scattering. All pods go behind the lines and try to get into some c/c. The LRC and the two rhinos come in at start and the rhinos push towards objectives or blocking points. The LRC heads toward front line enemies and gets the Terms out to fight. The scouts infliltrate onto a objective if they can or get into a nice firing point, they wont do anything spectacular but they can change a game. The whole army has fleet with Shrike so closing with the dreads and the Terms isn't going to be to hard if I can get em where I want em.

B List-
Command squad (apothecary, champion, standard, sgtw/ power fist plasma pistol, marine with power sword.)
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr fist and plasma pistol.)
5 man in rhino (sgt with pwr weapon)
10 Sternguard (combi melta, combi plasma, melta, flamer. Rhino)
8 Vanguard (Relic Blade, Thunder Hammer, 6 power weapons, 8 jump packs.)
5 Terminators (Assault cannon and 2 chainfists.)
Ironcald in a pod, (assault launchers and heavy flamer.)
-Same general theory as the list above except that Shrike rolls with the chaplain and the Vanguard they Infiltrate in and rush for c/c. The command squad comes in at beginning of game and moves forward to reinforce one of the 5 mans or the sternguard. The stern and troops go for objectives or bocking areas. The dread and terms go behind the lines pod no problem, hoping my deepstrike doesn't screw up on the Terms. Stern finds a firing point at an objective or a kill point area and lays down death. This hopefully blocks in my opponent and forces him to move forward into bullets or hold and face death from the Shrike force.

As always thoughts are greatly appreciated, Thanks for reading this in advance, Sorry I type long posts.
More later,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Multi-parter...

Well the vacation is over and it's back to the real world, (sigh) we had a great time and now own a new camera (some Nikon the wife had to have that's about as small as a credit card and takes great pictures, that I'm also not allowed to touch.) and some art, yes real art, that I won in an art auction on the boat. If you've never done an art auction I highly recommend them, it was really fun and very educational. Even if you don't bid on anything it's fun and there was free champagne. However with those developments and a rather large alcohol bill my available funds for 40k have been put on hold for a little bit. I had to back out of buying the Genestealers I wanted and my Tyranids are on hold, model wise for the time being. But did the taxes the other day and have a nice return coming so maybe I'll be able to get my list put into mini form some time soon.
However, in there greatness GW is releasing the new plastic ven's which I'll have to buy for my chaplain dreadnought. Which also brings me to the new Blood Angels dex. I've never really wanted to be a Blood Angel but with the rumor dex floating around and all the possibilities of assault greatness I'm hearing I feel the red thirst coming over me. I love assault armies I always have. Anyone who has played me knows I try to get into assault as fast as possible and build lists around that idea. My nids are all assault based with no shooting, my deathwing whilst they can shoot, generally just push forward as hard as they can to get into assault and my regular marine lists always have 2 to 3 assault teams. If the rumor dex is remotely close to true the new BA are right up my alley, plus they new Tantalus, I've been drooling over that since I first heard about it. However I'm not going to be repainting my army. I'm staying in my DA colors, I have a nice fluff for it and a pretty sweet chapter name that was a joke that turned out to work great. We'll see what happens when the codex actually comes out though. I really hate turning away from my DA's but really it's about fun and to me the new BA dex is more up my alley. I'll still be using the DA dex to run my deathwing but.... the SANGUINUS KERMITUS may be in my future. More on that idea at a later date. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, ie. is it cheesy that I'm not repainting? Should I just wait for a new DA? (who knows when that will happen.) etc. I don't wanna be that guy, you know the one who shows up with the new codex dressed in ultramarine colors. But I really do have a nice flluffy background for why my BA are all in green, I think it's cool.
Also while on the cruise I read and finished Salamanders and Courage and Honor. Loved courage and Honor it really made up for the book before it and fell into line with the Uriel story perfectly. I can't wait for Chapter's Due. Salamander was good, but it started slow and took me a minute to really get going. It finished great with lots of fighting and insight that left me wanting to buy book 2 when it comes out. The only big gripe was Nick (author) really needs to help me out, his names while most likely being what real Salamanders names would be were hard to keep reading over and over as I have no idea how they are supposed to be said. So I ended up just renaming characters Ed and Tom and Kirby. Both were good reads though and I recommend them. Finally, if you have made it this far, first off thanks. Secondly, I'm in the process of finishing a Rhino and a Whirlwind, as well as a converted Assault Cannon Razorback. The drop pods are on the table as well as the LR redeemer. Finally my new 2k points nid list looks a little something like this. (no fancy totals and add-ons just what I'm taking, more on that as I get models and start building.

Walking tyrant-Flying Tyrant-30 genestealers- 10 warriors-5 Shrike-Trygon Prime.

I've play tested it once already and it did well, I'm hopefully gonna play test it again Monday with but we'll see as I'm slowly recovering from a surgery I just had, (another reason for lack of funds.) I may end up just watching Lach and JC play but I really want to get in a game or two. we'll see, more to come later.

Thoughts always welcome.
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