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Monday, December 15, 2008

Apothecary finished

I didn't step by step the apothecary, but I have been working on him for the last two days. Short of a maybe banner, he's done. Debating the banners still, I have one for the apothecary, Belial and of course the standard. So without any more words here's my terminator apothecary. I'm pretty happy with him overall though. Oh I also started adding my base extras.


eriochrome said...

I like what I assume must be green plastic on the back and not actual glass. I have to say that the mini does not let me know that this is the apothecary. I would definately add a banner for this.

oni said...

Ouch! I hope that's not actual glass on the base. Looks good, even if it's not the standard apothecary white.

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