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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tournament List

So Soulless and I are looking at hitting up a GT in Tennessee in March. It looks like it should be a 2000 point list. I'm thinking of running the Wing. I may go vanilla and use some regular marines but if I got with the Deathwing then here is what I'm thinking.

Belial 130

Inter. Chaplain in Term. Arm. 145

Term Squad 1-255
2chain fist
sgt with pwr wpn
Assault can.
Regular term.

Term Squad 2- (Belial and chaplain attached)230
1 chain fist
Hvy Flamer
Sgt with pwr wpn

Term squad 3-250
1 chain fist
2x Regular
Assault can.
Sgt w/pwr wpn

Term squad 4-215
Sgt w/pwr wpn
2x Lightning claws
2x Thunder Hammer /SS

Term squad 5-235
3x Regular
Sgt w/pwr wpn
Twin Link las
Missile Launcher
ex arm

Land Raider-270
Hvy Bolter/2x twin link las
pintle mount
ex arm
TOTAL 1970 (may throw in a Hunter killer on the LR for 15 making it 285)

or drop the dread, a chain fist and cyclone term switch them with a regular termand go with

Land raider-255
Land raider crusader-255
TOTAL- 2000 even

If I run with the dread I will place him behind the Land Raider. The assault marines will be in the LR. They will run a flank. The rest of the terms will deepstrike in. The dread is a moving weapons platform. The LR will move up slowly in rd 1. Then when the deepstirkes hit in rd 2 it will go 12 deploy the terms who should be able to get into an assault by then (hope, the termy catapult works.) The Cyclone team will try and drop in on an objective and secure it.

If I run the 2 Land Raiders then the Raider will have the assault marines still and do the same thing except both moving 12 the first round. The LRC will move up with Bel's team inside, with the LR. Should still be able to get them into assault by rd2 (hopefully) The 3 squads will come in via deep strike. The squad that had the cyclone will now just be a basic squad and will still try to drop onto an ovbjective to secure while the rest hit inside the enemy.

Ideas, pros, cons, ???


Gamers World said...

I would gop with the 2 raider list, you have more of a fire base then, make shure that you are careful because a 2000 pts then your enemies can field some pretty nasty stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with the 2 LRs. Gamers World is right, you have a better force for heavy fire support for your advancing Termies, and with that size game the enemy would no doubt have some tank busting abilities, so the more weaponry in your arsenal the merrier when trying to counter that tactic!

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