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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Fun at 1250

So here is my scout list. I have been thinking more and more about it and I think it will be really fun to play. I may lose horribly fast, but I think it’s gonna be fun. That’s what’s important.
So here it is. I traded out a few things from the concession list I made on Warpstone Flux’s site.
This list is built a lot around the books where a scout team goes out and sets up a base before the fleet arrives. I tried to keep it as forward deployment based as possible.

- Captain-100
--Pwr weapon/Plasma Pistol-30

-10 Scout Snipers-140
--Camo cloaks-30
-10 Scout Snipers-140
--Missile Launcher-10
--Camo cloaks-30
-10 Scouts-140
--1Heavy Bolter-10
--1combat blade and pistol-free
--Sgt w/Power Weapon and Bolter-15
-5 C/C Scouts-75
-5 Man Tac squad-90
--Sgt w/Power Fist and Plasma Pistol-30

-3 Scout bikes-70
-LS Storm-75 w/Melta-10 (carrying the 5 c/c scouts)

To get to 1250 I tweaked some stuff and added a few things that i felt would be given to a forward deploy team.

-Scout bike squad add..
--Grenade Launcher on all 3 -30
--Power Weapon for the sgt- 15
-For the tac team and captain add..
--Razorback (forward base)-40
--Twin Las/Storm Bolter/Ex. armor-60
-Elite choice
---Melta/Storm Bolter/Power Fist-free

On warpstones list I had Telion as a HQ. But I know he is not one and I don't wanna ask so I brought a cheap Captain. Usually there's a captain running around in a rhino or Razor giving orders to everyone. I had a Whirlwind originally but then though no rapid insertion army is gonna bring a cumbersome artillery tank. Thus the dread came in as a quick walker type.

Like I said the list is more of a fun list based of book lore. Pros-Speed/Stealth/Infiltrate/Good cover saves. Cons-Weak overall armor wise-scouts-. Lack of c/c capabilities. The list has some anti-tank. Some anti infantry. Great pinning capabilities. I'm gonna try it out soon and I'll write it up. SCOUTS ARE GOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jabberjabber said...

What have I started? ;)

Do let us know how you go with the list - I'm very intrigued to hear how it works out!

eriochrome said...

I would stay pure and not have any tacs. I might try 2 storms. One load up with bolter armed scouts who flies around rapid firing at things while the other one drops the assault scouts with a powerfist sergeant. I would also get a heavy bolter for the first sniper squad. The hellfire shell works nicely with snipers targets ignoring toughness.

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