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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clouds of Death!!! BATREP

So last week Soulless (Lach) and I played 2 games. We decided to spice things up a little bit and played both games with the evil metallic devouring clouds from the hazardous environments pdf. We played at 1000 points me running my small Belial Deathwing config. and soulless running his usual monolith, warriors, immortals, scarabs. Both games were Pitched battle and Seize ground. The "ground was a building in the middle of the table with and obj. marker in it. The dangerous clouds were to the left and right of the buildings and they would drift at the beginning of each new round. I forgot my camera and Lachs died so we don't have any pics. of this fight.

-Game 1. I setup in full reserve for deep strike. Soulless setup across his side of the board with the monolith on the far right flank.
-1st round the necs move forward towards the objective. I can't enter play yet.
-Round 2 Both clouds move to the left of the necrons and he avoids the storm. He moves the necs closer to the objective. I get horribly unlucky nad nothing comes into play.
-Round 3 The storm gets brutal 1 cloud hits a few of his warriors and 1 warrior its KO'ed. The other cloud drifts right on top of his immortals. Luckily enough for him they all survive. He moves his lead warrior squad onto the objective. I get a horrible roll for deepstrike and only manage to bring in 1 of my 3 squads. I bring in Belial, his squad shoots into the rear warrior squad and takes a few down.
-Round 4 The storm persists, the cloud on the warriors drifts away form the fight. The immortals don't fair so well the cloud sticks with em and 2 immortals go down. He moves the rear warrior squad towards Belial. the immortals move towards Belial. He puts the scarabs in a front line position trying to keep me form assaulting his warriors. Then he lays into me with fire. The monolith discharges a pie plate that lands dead on top of the squad. 1 marine dies. Both warrior squads fire on Belial 38 shots. I lose 1marine. the immortals lay in with 15 shots but the apothecary saves me and no one is injured. He decides not to assault. My turn. I get another squad on the board. My rolls were horrible this game. I bring in a cyclone squad to the left of the main objective building. The cyclone shoots into the warriors on the objective and the stormbolters send a volley in. Cover saves a plenty none of the warriors go down. Belial find a strategic hole left by the scarabs and takes the squad in a straight line through it. The squad shoots into the warriors and 2 fall. Belial then unleashes his fury and him and his chaplain engage in furious assault. The termies go berserk and destroy the entire nec squad. They victoriously jump onto the scarabs.
-Round 5 The storm drifts away and is no longer a threat to anyone. The rear squad of warriors roll WBB and 5 get up they consolidate into the warriors on the objective. Not 10 but now 15 warriors on the objective. He moves the monolith away from Belial towards my cyclone team.
His lord moves to the rear of the warriors but cannot reach them. He shoots the monolith pie plate at the cyclone team it scatters and misses. Then he unloads with the remaining warrior's and immortals on my cyclone team. 1 term. dies. Assault time the scarabs don't put up much of a fight and Belials boys swat them away. Strangely enough 1 manages to live though and im stuck in battle with them. (Lach told me later that powerfist do 2 to 1 wounds on scarabs so i would have actually just destroyed them all, no big deal i don't think it would have changed the outcome.) My turn the last squad enters beside the cyclone team and they shoot the warriors, 3 go down. The cyclone team shoots into them and wounds 2. Belial assaults the last scarab destroys it and victory jumps onto the lord. The cyclone team assault the warriors on the objective. There in cover and go first and manage to wound 1 term but I save. I fight back and 4 more go down. They pass there leadership and were stuck in battle.
-We rolled off for a turn 6 right here but it didn't happen. The necrons took the victory.
-We played it out just to see what would happen though. In 6 all but 1 of the downed warriors got back up. He moved the remaining immortals away form the assault Belial was in with his lord. The monolith would miss its shot at my newest term squad. The immortals can't get a shot off. In the assault the Lord gets crushed. Belial moves towards the warriors. The cyclone team takes down 5 warriors. On my turn the new terms assault into the warriors, Belial assaults the warriors. All but 2 warriors go down. They fail leadership but don't move far enough away. I can't sweep em and i can't victory consolidate. So the Objective is left with no one at it it ends in a draw.
-In the imaginary round 7 I would take the objective and phase out his necrons for the W.

Game 2
Same setup EXCEPT we traded armies. He played my deathwing and I played his necs. The clouds reset to either side of the objective building. This will also be now known as the stupid (explicit) cloud game. I got first turn and decided to setup with 1 warrior squad and the Immortals on the table. I put the monolith in reserve. He went with a Deepstrike reserve option. I infiltrated my scarabs right on top of the objective.
-RD1, Cloud 1 moves away form the action. Cloud 2 hits my warriors and wounds 2 but they save. I moved the warriors and immortals towards the objective. DW can't enter play.
-RD2, Cloud 1 moves just behind my warriors and cloud 2 moves further away (you'd think this would be good.) I move he warriors to the objective building and the immortals flank up right beside them. I get he monolith on the table and it deepstrikes on the far side away from my warriors. I'm expecting him to come into play around there. I'm in the zone so I think. His turn he gets great rolls and Belial and 1 regular term squad enters play. HE gets unlucky and Belial deepstrikes right into the middle of cloud 1. They all survive it though. The other term squad enters behind the immortals. Belials squad shoots into the warriors as do the other terms. 6 warriors fall.
-RD3, Cloud 1 Drifts away form the fight. Cloud 2 (sigh) drifts right on to one of the monoliths sides. (we made a mistake in reading the rules for hazardous environments and set it so instead of 4 5 6 not counting that was all that counted on the vehicle damage table. It was originally built for 4th ed. to be rolled on the glancing table. Well in 5th there is only the 1 table and we were rolling only 4 5 or 6 counted.) So guess what I roll a stupendous 6 rolls out and the monolith EXPLODES. Leaving my Lord and my other warriors lost in the warp. (STUPID CLOUD.) My turn I roll WBB 4 warriors get up. I move the warriors and immortals away from Belial and shoot at the regular temy squad. I take 3 down. The move and assault Belial. I just want to slow him down. they all die save 1. His turn the cyclone team enters in front of my immortals and warriors. I'm now flanked on all sides. It's pretty much over here. He moves the regular term squad towards my warriors. The cyclone team shoots the immortals and wounds 2. Then he assaults. Belial destroys the last scarab and consolidates into my remaining warriors. The term squad hits the warriors and kills 3.
-RD4, It's over anyway but I move the immortals towards the cyclone team and shoot them. They all save. I assault the terms and they do nothing and I manage to lose 5. Belial and the other terms DESTROY my warriors and I phase. (&^%$&^%# CLOUD!!!!)
-He gets the Win again, I took it as a moral victory since it was my boys who did the winning. What did I learn. Well first make sure you read all the rules thoroughly before you play a game. Then you to can avoid a cloud error. Playing as the Necs was fun just seeing what my terms do to another army is awesome. I think I had a great battle plan and may have been able to beat them but the cloud got me. I saw some things I can use next time I play my DW though. I think Lach may have seen some tings too. It was a good time by all though I think. In game 1 and several other times I've lost I've learned that its very hard for me to get a win when i need to destroy the necs outright. Them being able to get up and the odds that you may not go past 5 get me a lot. I need to figure out something to do to get the upper hand and destroy em so they stay away. I'm gradually getting some ideas as I play them more, but I'm throwing out the help towel anyone got any ideas for fighting the metal monsters? Oh and if you ever get a chance flip the board and play with your buddies army. It really is a whole new world tyring to fight off the army that you built.

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