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Monday, December 1, 2008


This week was very busy work wise so the blog has sort of lacked I know. But with the NCAA local season wrapped up I have some more time to devote to my K. So expect to see some new stuff coming up. Belial, (with magnetized changeable arms) with Apoth. and standard. Jan base competition piece AKA Belials base. 2 missing BATREPS (lets just call it THOSE CLOUDS SUCKED.) Playing a game or two this week and taking lots of pics....(TOP SECRET STILL. but you know what for if you know why its a secret.) and lastly adding some "flare" to my already done bases, (Do you have your 15 pieces?) Also I'm posting anew vote on an idea I would love to try and put together in the future, stop by and vote let me know if it would be worth the effort to seriously look at.
More to come.....

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