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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The peeves list

OK if you re one of these guys I apologize but I finally hit my limit. Also this isn't so much a 40k post as a general hobby post/rant. So let me paint a picture....
I went to the local store today to get a few new paints. No problem should be a quick in and out, you would think. Well I get there and the paints I need are on one side of the room with a table in front of them. Still no problem. (insert problem). Sitting directly in front of the paints at the table is dude on laptop playing game. So I was being the nice guy and just sort of stood to his left and eyed the paints. Hoping he would see me and scoot over a little bit. He looks at me and continues playing. OK no worries. Well then I spot my much needed pot of chaos black which happens to be on the far side of the paint rack. So I say hey bud can I get behind you and grab some paint for a second. He proceeds to look at me like I've gone mental and this has ruined his day some how. But he sighs quite loudly and moves his computer and himself to another chair. I say thanks get my paints and leave.
This all being said I started thinking about things that ticked me off with the game/store I play at. I was just wondering if it was me being crazy in my old age, or if I'm on the boat with anyone else out there. but here's my list of current peeves. Oh and I would play somewhere else but we only have 1 store in town and I'm lucky we even have that. If you are one of the following I apologize this is in no way directed towards you just a general rant from me.

1. Stinky guy, being as its 12 degrees outside and the heats on really no fun is to be had in a 10x12 room with the guy who has now made the room smell like old garbage. This is the guy who for some reason even though you've never met him will stand right next to you and call a T-Rex (burp) like your drinking buddies.
2. Overly loud obnoxious rules guy, the guy who you don't even have to be playing but he can come over to your table and tell you both what you're doing wrong. This guy usually becomes the next guy...
3. I'm a poor loser guy, Everyone knows this guy...He's the one who throws his dice across the room because they got yet another 1. I don't mean a "damn a 1!" I mean duck and cover here comes a D6 your way. (personal exp. a D6 can break through a coke machine front. seen it happen) I mean really man it's just a game...RELAX.
4. Cheater guy. This is the guy who in the clutch moment goes from the dice he's been using, to the the secret in the box dice that for some reason only ever seem to roll a 5 or 6. Or the guy that rolls so fast you can't see what he's doing but somehow in a matter of 30 seconds your squad just took 45 hits with 42 wounds. (WHAT WHAT!!)
Lastly well just where I'm going to stop, but by far the worst for me personally.
5. Oblivious guy, This is the guy who doesn't really care that your playing a game or you're even standing there. God forbid your model case is on the floor in his way it's easily movable with his foot. Or oh I need to get by you no need to say "pardon me" i''d even settle for "MOVE!" no the nice ill just squeeze by and bump the heck out of your table guy. This guy sort of runs with the touchy guy. I'm adding this cause they sort of go together. If were friends no problem here I know you. But this is the guy who comes up and is just watching, that's cool. He's eyeing the pieces checking em out, enjoying there painted goodness. ALL COOL. What's not cool when for some strange reason and you have not even asked me you decide to just grab one of my models and begin to inspect it. WHOA! what the heck man. And for the love of GOD why did you just drop him.
OK I'm getting off my soapbox, just in a mood at the moment. As stated earlier if you are any of the following this is not directed at you just a general rant from me. Sorry if I have offended, like I said maybe it's just me. I know I'm not perfect but in a social gaming environment I try to be as courteous as possible, it just makes for a better and more fun gaming environment (note to Lachlan me drunk at Wills does not count besides we're all friends.)


Lach said...

***First, I dont count someones drunken'ness towards their level of polite, but yes, you are a dirty drunk***

As to these, I agree on many levels, and we have had several conversations.

I have more over on my page, I started to rant, and realized that my comment post would be just as long as your original post.

RonSaikowski said...

Your self restraint is amazing, you've only touched on a few of the "sterotypes" out there.

Wolf Lord Bill said...

Lol, I don't spend too much time in the gaming stores in my community. The first time I spent an evening playing Pokemon with my son and the second time, I played a 40k game with a guy that was a bunch of fun playing with. I'm a teacher and the two students that I have run into there are the greasy-haired, anti-social sort. On both occasions there was a set of parents that let their two year old wander around unmonitored. I felt better about the wandering than I did the time the kid spent locked into its car seat screaming. Bottom line, is a creepy game store the ideal place for a two-year-old? Ultimately I decided it was not the ideal place to hang out with my ten-year-old. I can tolerate these characters but my community game store has not found a good balance between folks that put games first and folks that put life first. I would really like to help remedy that lol. TAKE A SHOWER. WASH YOUR DAMN HAIR! k, I did my part.

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