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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WIP-Belial part2

So I sat down with my 3 newest volumes of Death Note and Belial and got to work. I finished his Sword of Silence and bolter arms. I also did his head. Belial is basically done, I have 1 purity seal to paint up and i have to get his arms done with the magnets. I bought thinner magnets that work great size wise but they're not strong enough to hold the arms. Looks like I'm drilling which scares the hell out of me. I'm pleasantly pleased with him as of now. Just ready to get the arms on. Anyway here's the pics.
The new arms Sword of Silence and Bolter. The little dot is Bel's head.
Belial with his head.
and lastly, Everyone has been posting there dogs so...
Here's Tristen (right) and Beau (left) I know Beau's blurry but I'm lucky I got him to sit that still.

more to come later....Got the Dec. challenge done, and all I can say is OY! never again.


Anonymous said...

Belial looks great so far, I look forward to seeing him all finished up mate. And your dogs are cool, I too have noticed this growing craze of dog pics. I will post my dog up as soon as I send this comment to be part of the in crowd!

Anonymous said...

Also, did you have to file down the back of the hood on the marine helmet to get it to fit in to the termy armour? The only helmet like that I had is glued on a model right now so I can't test if it would fit perfectly or not.

Matt said...

Yes I had to file. It looks more like a triangle in the back now. when I set it it fit better. When i glued it for some reason it didn't set the way I had it the first time. So it almost looks as if his neck is sticking out a little bit. It still works though. takes a littly jimmying. The head came from the DA vet sprue, I'll be using the 2 beakies as the apoth and standard bearer. Yeah the dog craze woot! saw your dog that's gonna be a big puppy.

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