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Friday, December 5, 2008

WIP- Belial, Apothecary and Standard Bearer-updated-

With the night off i decided to try out some new painting techniques and start Belial and his friends. They are gonna be all black like my sgts. in the ancient armor. I had them all in pieces and primed em up.

Once i got a good prime coat I hit em with some chaos black for the main color.
Forgot to just snap a shot before i started highlighting.

Then as much as it killed me I left the drybrush sittin in the jar and got out my liner. Highlighted in 2 colors codex grey to a fortress gray. Kinda messy with the lines but easily touched up


Next I set the apothecary and standard aside and focused on Belial. i put the first colors on for the extra parts, and watered down some black ALOT. Ran the watered mix over the light areas to get some lined areas darkened.
BAD pic I know. wish you could see the differences between here and below.

Then I went back in and did some highlights on those areas and touched up the black. Finished up with some small color spots and I think Belials body is done. I did brush one area SORRY... The Aquila's on this crew I wanted silver so I just put a light light coat of brushing on them. Then rehit em with the liner.
Finished hopefully.
Some of the pics aren't so hot I'm having digi cam issues and had to switch to the smaller older camera. I'm pretty pleased so far with the outcome of Belial. Not drybrushing and using the lines has definitely taken away some of the excess paint mistakes. I'm still learning with it, (maybe Belial wasn't the wisest to start with) but i think its coming out pretty good.

So I couldn't sleep, the wife is sick and I was up with her so during that time I decided to do up Belials first set of arms. Here's the Claws.

Tried a little free hand script, on the scroll.
So, you may or may not be asking why are they not on Belial? Well I was gonna have two sets of magnetized arms. That's when the problem hit. The magnets I bought and cut down are to big and they make the arms stand out to far. So if I use them he appears to have giant gorilla arms protruding far out of his body. So now I'm stuck, I'm gonna try and find some smaller flatter magnets but if that doesn't work I'm gonna have to get another termy I think and make 2 Belials.


Gamers World said...

You can drill into the arm and socket to get a snug fit. This can be don easily with a GW hobby drill.

Lach said...

I agree with gamerworld. I had thought that was your original plan, to drill into the sockets to sink the magnets and on the arm/shoulders. if you dont have the drill bits, I have several flat blades as opposed to the normal ones.

jabberjabber said...

Nice job - are the shoulder pads on the lightning claws regular bits or did you create them yourself? They look great!

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