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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Fun at 1750 and then some.

Well as Lachlan wrote up the report on his blog "http://soullessawakened.blogspot.com/" the 1250 scout list did pretty well and they walked away with the W. That list though got me in one of those lets build some crazy fun lists moods. So I put together another quick fluff hit and then made a new 1750. It goes a lil' something like this.

Sgt. Chronus along with a new tank commander captain and 15 of his troops, went to planet (insert name) to check on the status of several tanks and dreads. that have been damaged and are now being put back on the line. Chronus figures while he is there he will let the new captain and his men get some tanking experience and training done. While there however a small force of (insert army) descend on the planet and attempt to take over the repair depot. Chronus throws aside the training and the 15 marines the captain and Chronus set out to repel the advancing army. He takes some of the newly repaired equipment and they set out to the battle.

1750 point MECHANICUS


3x 5 man SM troops -270

3x Razorbacks-120
twin las-35
twin assault cannon-35
Hvy Bolter-free

Venerable dread w assault can.-175
Dreadnought w/las&Missile Launcher-145
Ironclad Dread w/basic equip.-135

Chronus is driving a
LR w/extra arm. and storm bolter-275
LRC w/storm bolter, ex. arm., and multi melta-285
Whirlwind w/H&K missile and storm bolter 105

The army is a pure based tank company as best is it can be. Pros lots of armor for a force not ready for that there in trouble. Chronus gives some serious plusses to make a nasty tank. Smoke launchers give you a great chance of surviving and they're free now woohoo. TANKSHOCKS muahahahaha.
Cons-Any army based with anti armor is gonna hurt you. Lack of troops for holding objectives. Your gonna be somewhat slow unless you move all out and then you are losing firepower.

Anyway it looks like it could be a fun list to play I may try it out in a while depending on what Lachs got at the 1750 level. That's it for this one with just a quick side note..Everyone is doing the resolutions list. So here are my short terms as they seem the most reasonable to accomplish. 1.Get the rules down....
2. Get my 2000 point DW finished
3. Get Belial done for the 15th. The magnets came yesterday so it shouldn't be to long.

These all have to be done by March since that's when the RT is. That's my goal is to play in that. The long term goals are just keep painting building and blogging.


1 comment:

eriochrome said...

A couple of comments.

Chronus allows you to ignore shaken and stunned results so his tank does not need extra armor.

I might suggest you put him in the Crusader. Since it has the multimelta which unlike all the other weapons in the LR is not twinlinked. Twin linking minimizes the BS 5 bonus. Also since you are spending all those points on the LRC + Chronos there needs to be something inside.

I would probably drop the extra storm bolters to get the tac squads up to 6 and see if you can get the sergeants something.

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