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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Holidays.

It was a busy weekend for me. I didn't accomplish much K wise. I bought a bunch of new paint. Bought the stuff I need for my base (the idea is sparked and burning.) I sprued and flashed my Belial, Apothecary Term. and Co. Standard Term. I had planned on priming them and then highlighting. However I was informed by the better half that instead of that I would be building. With a twinkle in my eye the ideas ran wild.....what can I build. It was then that I was informed we were building ......

THE TREE. While this wasn't my goal for the evening it made her very happy and ultimately it made me happy. Which brings me to the last part of this post. Since it's the holidays and all, Happy whatever you celebrate. But I was wondering what's on those lists out there. What's the gift of gifts you're hoping for. Or if not for you whats the gift you're gonna have to hunt down all season for the little 40kers running around.
My list this year is pretty simple like it always is some movies, some books, some socks (yes socks), but the wish list portion was some good ole 40k stuff. Hoping to get 6 drop pods, The new Land Raider (name eludes me) some scout bikes and a Thunderfire cannon. Want the Iron Clad but it isn't out and i have a converted dread that hasn't seen the board yet that may become a homemade Iron Clad. Anyway enough of me. Whats on the wish lists for you all.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and remember in this the season of family, friends, and travel. Be safe, take care and have a wonderful time.
P.S. I was told by the wife who is watching me right now that I was to tell you all that she is not done with the tree. This is not her finished product and I shouldn't be sharing a non-finished tree. Oh well she'll get over it

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