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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Photos and Stuff

So I didn't play on Tuesday. But I did manage to get some work done. I pulled and flashed all the Sternguard but that's it with them. I was gonna do a tank...was. However i went into my room of models and the Termy sergeant was screaming at me so I did him up instead. I also made, primes and painted the 20 bases for the stern and vanguard vets. I also put the final touches on the Titan. I also made a little photo box and started trying to improve my photo techniques. Word to the wise. If you get out the digi. cam. manual make sure you understand what they're talking about at least a little bit. I had to google a bunch of terms. But anyway without further ado. I give you the new pictures.

Here's the Titan with one of my Commanders and without. Notice it's home grown not home made. The difference, Home grown - I can't afford 1000 dollars so i found a same size model that i thought was cool, affordable and made it into my own. Home made - I still cant afford 1000 dollars but I also don't have the talent or resources to scratch build a replica. P.S. My home grown thunderhawk is in the works too.

Here's two side shots. I kept some original weapon to make the Turbo Laser. I made a new one though for the Mega cannon. Used some Warhammer bits and a few tank bits.

Next up is the New Termy Sgt. Few of him and one of him and his boys.

Lastly the 20 bases. The camera really highlights the gray. It may look like i just colored out of the lines. But I actually did that on purpose. I wanted some of the rock/debris color to get into the pieces so it looks like dust etc. From normal person point of view it works out well i think. It gets captured and highlighted a lot in the pictures as a mistake. I also put in some shots of some older pieces. Trying to get a feel for the new camera workings.
I know it's a paper plate....what can i say.

The 2 Commanders.

Some random troops. And 3 of the sniper corps.

I'm Looking for anything here good, bad, ugly. I'm trying to make a good looking army and I'm also trying to make the photos look good. I don't want to try and enter a contest if my work is gonna look shotty. So I'm looking for all critiques be them what they may. If you like em great let me know. If you see some bad stuff i should try and fix please tell me. If they look like crap and i should just stop now LET ME KNOW. All i have is the wife to judge for me and I think she just wants me to go away and stop bugging her about them.
Oh a little about my painting I don't wash or ink It shines up to much for me. My army is supposed to be lost and old. So I was going for a more worn and weathered army. I pretty much only dry brush and highlight. I know i should probably start washing em and all but, A. I don't have any of it, and B. I tried to use it once, it went everywhere and I lost the model. Plus I'm so far into the army now it'd probably kill me to go back and start redoing them. Anyway Like I said I take all critiques and won't hold nothing against anyone. Let me know what's up. Also is the new photo setup working the white backdrop? I think it looks better than the ones I posted earlier of the guys wherever they were in the house.
As always thanks for looking.


RonSaikowski said...

I've got two things...
I hope this helps get you going in the right direction.

1. The use of a clean background can imporve the pictures you take of your models. A busy background only detracts from trying to see the model itself. For dark colored models, I use a light background. For light colored models I use a dark colored background.

2. See if you can get a little better control of your drybrushing to bring out your highlights. Making sure you have the right amount of paint on the brush and that you're moving the brush in the right direction can make a huge difference in the final look. I don't drybrush much because doing it real well can be difficult I think.

Anonymous said...

That Titan looks awesome, and the models that you have added wings to are very Angelic indeed. Can't really suggest much in the way of improvement as your army so far is maintaining its Dark Angel heritage, without drifting too far to the point that they don't match, so well done there!

Keep up the great work,


RonSaikowski said...

I'll second the Titan comment too, I wish I could find a suitable toy and pull off a similar conversion.

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