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Thursday, November 13, 2008

FTW November Challenge (Finished.)

Here is my entry for the November FTW create a mission Challenge. (http://fromthewarp.blogspot.com/2008/11/ftw-challenge-create-40k-scenario_01.html)Ive always Loved kill teams and single team games. So i thought this up Long Long Ago and now i get to show it. I have never test played it but i want to one day. I thought this one up to base a squads true fighting potential. It's setup to be a days of old fight where men lined up and killed each other to win glory for there general. It's setup to show the balance in armies where i team may have 10 guys and the other has 20 but the 10 may have better saves etc. It may or may not work I have never gotten to play test it. i designed it to be a time killer when your waiting around for your turn at a table to get a game in or if you just wanted to use that squad that never gets used and see how they do.

+ Mission Title- A Gentleman's War
+ Mission Description- After months of fighting the generals of the battling armies meet to discuss terms. No terms can be reached so it is put on each general to build an courageous squad of troops to fight for the battles final victory.
+ Mission Deployment- SO EASY - The game can be played on any surface. Each player sets up his squad 12 inches from the other player Facing him.
+ Who has to go first-Roll Off - Highest roll goes 1st
+ When the game specifically ends- When 1 squad is dead or 40 minutes.
+ Special Rules relevant to your scenario- The scenario is based around 1 squad. The Squad must consist of 1 and only 1 troops choice from your respective codex. (example- SM Troops - Tactical squad or Scout squad.) The squad may contain 1 leader (sgt, champion etc.) The Squad may be no more than 200 points. The squad and leader may take a combined total of 50 points in war gear. The leader may also challenge the other squads leader to a solo close combat battle. Your squad may upgrade to any options available in their troop options per codex, but they must be shooting options only. Squads do not enter close combat or move the entire scenario. The Only CC is fought between the leaders if a challenge is issued. RESTRICTIONS: No 2+ or better saves. No Invulnerable saves or items that grant Inv. saves. No Named characters. No special options (ex. Belials deathwing being used as a troop. No Belial available no DW available.) No more than 1 wound per model. All models must be shooting oriented, this is to your advantage as a CC model will not do anything the entire game. Squads cannot be upgraded to take additional war gear they may only take what is offered in their specific army listing under their specific unit. (ex. 1 tactical squad numbering 10 men may take a flamer or melta gun or plasma gun for ?? points, 1 marine may take a heavy bolter or las, plasma can., missile for ?? points.) NO TERRAIN OR COVER IS USED.
+ Leader face off rules - Each player has the option to challenge the other players leader/Sgt/etc. to a Close Combat battle. The two models will be taken aside and fight to the death. For the purposes of possible intsadeath weapons both leaders receive a 5+ invulnerable save usable only during the Close Combat battle. The victor returns to his army the next start of a full round and gives them great vigor. For the round the winning leader returns his squad may re-roll any failed armor saves. The Losers squad mourns the loss of there leader and for the rest of the game they must pass a leadership test. If the test is failed then 1 member of the squad leaves the battle. The test is taken each round until the game ends, all members flee the battle or time runs out.
+Setup and Playing- Each player sets up his squad 12 inches form the opposing player. The squads are setup in 2 lines a front rank and a rear rank. The leader of the squad is placed behind the rear rank. The two players the roll off to see who goes first and the battle begins. Each team will trade off shots. with the other squad until one team is destroyed. If a Leader calls out the opposing teams leader the two will move to the side and battle in close combat to the death.
Setup is based on civil war style combat.
OOOOO-rear rank
OOOOO- lead rank
XXXXX-lead rank
XXXXX-rear rank
The field of battle can be any foot wide table surface or floor.


Malthius said...

Interesting premise! I see how you might use it as a time killer.

Couple of questions/comments;
what happens if the commanders of the force engage in CC? does the victor win victory for the squad? what would motivate the combat if not?
I think a point value to the initial unit needs to be assigned. there's no mention of total points so how do i know how many plague bearer CSM's I can field against te tac squad in the example?
Lastly, while I like the premise, the description mentions assembling a team of elite heroes to fight the ultimate victory so using troop selections for the actual squad seems incongruous.

Matt said...

Thanks for the insight. I see your points and I am gonna tweak it a little to fix those errors. The repost should fix those questions.

Matt said...

Fixed it added what was missing pts cost etc. and gave a benefit for the CC battle. Sorry if it was confusing it was a draft i was working on form about 2 years ago. Back when kill teams and flash was popular. I didnt mean for it to sound like they were elite super trrops. I meant for it to be more the way it is now. Basically the general comes in and says I need a squad. He picks the unlucky few and they grab what gear they can and head off to finish the war. they may not be the best but there gonna fight the fight. More or less civil war. One squad goes into a field looks at the other squad and the two shoot each other until one side dies.

Malthius said...

No need to apologize; it's an intriguing yet simple scenario, and I think you fleshed it out nicely! I like the added touch of using leadership test to handicap the leaderless squad.

suneokun said...

I'll take my single troop choice of:

Command Squad - 40pts
Guard Squad 1 - 60pts
Guard Squad 2 - 60pts
Guard Remnant Squad 3 (7 men)- 42pts


All lasguns = 64 lasgun shots a turn. Roll a one, roll a one!

You can eat my command squad - no worries!

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