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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Finished up 4 of the old terminators. The 2nd photo is a before and after the left one is my terms from 3 years ago when i first got them. The right is a new one. I let the wife inspect em and she said they both look good. So i'm a little worried now cause i think the new ones look good and the old ones are crap. But I think she is just triyng to make me happy to. Anyway that's what i've finished now. Got some other oldies to redo I may just scrap em and buy new ones. Which leaves 10 new termies to do. I dunno I think I may put the Bikes on the painting table or maybe the Speeder. Dunno yet. I need to build and paint up my vanguard and sternguard. Who knows i'll figure it out as I go. Still got a bunch to paint. Oh and gonna post up a pic of the homegrown titan here in a few days too.
Im also debating what to paint my Term sgts. I'm thinking all black to go for the lost uniforms of the ancient angels. Dunno though. Ideas?


RonSaikowski said...

They look good, I'm interested in seeing that Titan

jabberjabber said...

Solid black for the Terminator Sergeant would be neat: the old feel of Dark Angels is imposing.

Anonymous said...

I like these guys, nicely modelled, especially the weapons. They look like they are about to release a volley in unison!

Nice work mate,


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