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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday games

Played a couple of games tuesday, necs vs' archangels. Chaos had a family event and no showed. Soon the corrupted should be joining the battle. Also got a guy at the store throwing out his templars trying to scare me. I told him to bring it. Belial and his boys are aching for another round.
Anyway Game 1
1000 points Necs vs' Archangels
Pitched battle; Capture and Control.
Angels list.
Chaplain with Command squad (apothecary and champion 1 Sgt pwr weapon and 2 marines.)
5 man tac sgt with plas pistol.
5 man tac sgt with plasma pitsol.
dreadnought (assault cannon, ccw.)
10 man dev. squad split into combat teams 2 plasma cannons, 2 lascannons.
Nec list.
10 warriors
10 warriors and 3 scarab swarms in reserves.
I won deployment and first go. I placed my two tacs within walking range of the center and left field objectives. put a lascannon team as far from the monolith as possible in cover. Put the plasma cannon team behind the leftfield tac team in cover. The Comm. squad and Dread hid on the right flank to move up into his lord and warrior.
Rd1, My tacs move to objectives and secure 2. Comm squad and Dread move up field towards lord and warriors. Shooting was unveventful las team managed to destroy 1 turret on the monolith and shook it. (desn't matter cause the pie plate crystal on the mono fires no matter what. AHHHH) Necs turn the immortlas moved up and towards my tac tema in the middle. The monolith moves towards my leftfield teams. His warriors claim the far side objective. Shooting was better for him the immortals killed off a marine in midfield and the monolith dropped a pie on the Plasma cannons and tac team in cover. 1 marine form each squad died.
Rd2, Comm and dread move up right flank everyone else stays put. Comm squad Kills the lord. he fails WBB and leaves the game on the nec turn. Las team shakes and stuns mono. 2 nec warriors get wounded. They both die on WBB rolls. Nec turn with the lord out the warriors on the objective move away and shoot into the comm squad. 6 wounds i save all but 1 which the apothecary wipes clean. (I LOVE APOTHECARYS). The beast (monolith) pie plates the tac and Plas. team again more death 1 tac and 2 Plas team die.
Rd3, Comm squad is out for blood they move towards the retreating warriors. I wanted to tank shock the immortals but didnt know how and messed up doing it so the rhino just moved at the immortals (cover). dread moves towards warriors and shoots. Dread rends 2 wounds two. The comm squad doesnt even shoot they want the assault. My shooting with the rest was pothetic until the las team. They both hit the monolith. 1 shot shakes the mono (stupid minuses for non ap1 sucks on a arm14 beast.) BUT the other shot rolls a 6 which minuses to a 5 and BOOM the mono goes down (destroyed.) That made the game for me even if i lost i finally downed the monolith. The Comm squad assaults the warriors and kills all but 3. The arriors fail leadership and run off the board. Nec turn his scarabs and other warriors deepstrike in. The warriors behind my comm squad and the scarabs in the middle building near my middle objective. the immortals and the warriros shoot at the comm squad but nothing well 1 wound that the apothecary saves. (Have i said I LOVE APOTHECARYS.)
Rd4, HIs warriors are to far to get the comm. sqd. into assault so they move towards the immortals. But the dread isnt to far he moves towards the warriors. The Rhino, decides to tank shock the scarabs. Gets the roll for difficult terrain and charges. Note scarabs are immune to tank shocks. So beasically he drives through them they move and he ends up stuck inside a building. Good side though he ended up blocking the scarabs from being able to contest the objective in the mddle. Shooting wise the las team, plas team and tacs shoot at the immmortals and wound 2. they'll get back up later. the dread rends 2 warrios, wounds 2 and then assaults Killing 2 with his power fist. The comm squad shoots the immortals and wounds 1 who fails wbb and dies. Nec turn the immortals get back up and move away from the comm. sqd. He shoots up the comm. sqd. and I lose a marine. Apothecary saved 1. His scarabs assault the rhino but can't hurt it.
Rd. 5 Comm. sqd. Moves into range of the immortals. I don't shoot anything. The comm. sqd. assaults the immortals and Kills 2 straight up. The necrons Phase Out.
I took the win, and had 2 objectives. 1 was left unclaimed.
Learned- Monoliths OMG what a beast as always. The lucky las shot did it. Had that beast deepstriked into my teams i probably would have been toast. But the Las boys payed off. Comm. Sqd rocked apothecary saves are great. Learned -which is gonna get me soon I know, all gause weapons cause shaken to vehicles so my dreads are gonna be sitting ducks. Also make sure there's windows in the building before you try and shoot out of them.
I tried a differnent style army more stand and shoot than my usual assault but it still worked.
Game 2 was a proxy game Necs wanted to try some flayed ones for assault. We played annhilation; spearhead. 750 points
chap and 5 assault marines no pack-Drop Pod
10 man tac flamer, Multi melta-DP
10 man tac flamer sqt with power-DP

2- 10 man warrior squads and 2- 5 man flayed ones in reserve. Lord
Rd1. I drop in two pods shoot into his warriors wounding 3 (We both had horrible rolls this whole game.) the Necs fail WBB on 2 and then shoot into my marines killing nothing.)
Rd2. The pods shoot and wound 1 warrior. the assault tema assaults a warrior squad and my tac team assaults the other. The chaplain and his squad take out all but 3 of the warriors.v My tac team wpunds 2 warriors. the Necs fail to hurt anyone. The nec turn he gets all his WBB rolls except 1 form the assualt with the chaplains team. 1 Sqaud of flayed ones enters behid the chaplains team. Assualt, The marines wound 1 the chaplain wounds 4. His necs kill a marine.
Rd3. Pods shoot a flayed one down. The assualt, chaps team wounds 3, the tac marines wound 1.
He fails to wound. Nec turn, All but 2 get up form WBB. His Lord uses veil of darkness and pulls out the warriors fighting the chaplain. but the veil scatters and he cant shoot at me cause he is behind a building. Flayed ones move into assault with chaplain. the chaplain kills 2. the marines and flayed roll together and 2 flayed are wounded and 2 marines die.
Rd4. My last pod lands the marines shoot into the lord and the remaining warriors with him. i wound 3. Assault my Chaplain destroys the rest of the flayed. The tac squad in assault with the arriors is doing nothing. Just trading off a marine for a nec each turn. Nec turn WBB i warrior dies form the lords squad. The 2nd flayed squad deepstrikes behind my tac team in assault. Assault is uneventful no losses.
Rd5. Tac team 2 moves twards lord and warriors. Chaplain moves towads flayed ones. the Assault was brutal my chaplain and assault squad kills off the flayed ones. the tac team assaults the lord and wounds 3 but the lords staff of light kills 3 marines outright. the neverending assault with the warriors and tac marines continues I lose 1 marine. I pass all my leadership tests. Nec. turn 1 flayed gets up nad is crushed by the chaplain. his lord kills off 2 more marines 1 wound a warrior. THe neverending assault is uneventful no one dies. I pass th eleadership and we go to turn 6.
Roll off for 6 fails game ends. Angels lose.
He has 3 points form my pods. I have 2 points from killing off his flayed ones.
Learned- Pods screw me everytime they give away points. WBB gets me too. In annhilation i just cant kill em fast enough with them just getting right back up. I gotta figure something out.

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