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Thursday, November 20, 2008

touch ups and redo's

So i spent a looooong time looking at the new Termy Sgt. pics. I wasn't really happy with him. So I pulled him back out and did some touch ups. Added some shading in a few spots corrected some missed spots. I also re-took the photos without flash. That helped a lot. Ultimately I'm not 100% with him but I will play him now and i don't feel so upset with him. Still got some things to improve on, and with a few pointers I got from Ron (He's probably sick of hearing from me already.) I think the next batch may be a step up. Anyway here's the two new shots, if you need to compare just scroll down the old shots are in the previous post.
Still not totally thrilled with the Aquila but i think it looks better than before.


RonSaikowski said...

Way better than the first go around. Way better.

Nice work.

Toxin616 said...


On average how long does it take you to complete a mini?

What type of brushes are you using?
do they still hold a proper point?

† - ease up on the drybrushing, personally i used to drybrush everything. chest eagles look so much better when you just apply solid colour, then wash in the recess colour ontop of that. Ill post a tutorial on how it do it in the coming days.

† - go to this site http://www.ttfxmedia.com/vallejo/cgi-bin/_modelis.asp?p1=ing&p2=modelcolortecnicas

† - thin your paint to a milk like consistancy.

† - The Most IMPORTANT thing. Keep trying and at it. i wish half my first minis turned out as great as your army (im assuming that this is your first 40K army) gah i was horrible.

hope i didnt come across like to much of a know it all. i just like to help that is all.

If you run into a snag or have a question, just hit us up on www.talonstrike.blogspot.com

ill be more than happy to help you with any questions you have about painting, drinking and fighting. ahh maybe not the last two, cant say im any good at either. :p

Matt said...

Toxin-On average a green troop squad guy is about an hour. A individual or character anywhere from 3 to 6 usually.
Brushes, I dont know the names but there not tester they're sable hair brushes i think Art Element is the nme not sure. My good set doe yes stillhave a point and is well maintained. the drybrush set is hmmmm Junk.
Yeah gonna ease up on the dry brushing. Im pretty good at it with the green not so much with the others.
Cheked the site thanks.
Yeah ive started thinning it sucks wth the gw paint pots though. I notice most ppl using vallejo. Are they better?
I'll keep going tomuch invested in it to stop and I love the game. They are my first army and my first miniature anything eve. I've had em for 4 years now though. But i'm actually finishing em and getting them up to snuff now.
Thank for the tips and the friendly advice. I appreciate it all.
Drinking and fighting i got covered hehe...ex military and now cop.

Anonymous said...

Nice. He's packing plenty heat ain't he, what with rocking two Stormbolters? Still you'd not want to miss with him!

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