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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gaming Tuesday

I played 2 games today both verse my friends necrons. We were supposed to have some chaos to but our chaos friend hasnt put em together yet. Anyway....
Game 1: 1000 pts. DA vs' Nec
I was fielding a dethwing squad all deepstriking
Belial (termies count as troops)
Interigator Chaplian in term. arm.
1 squad 5 termies with standard, apothecary, thunderhamer/stormshield combo and heavy flamer.
1 squad 5 termies cylone missile launcer.
1 squad termies.

Lord w/immortals
2 x 10 man warriors
3 scarab swarms

I ended up winning in 5 rounds by taking all 3 points. We were playing capture and control. We setup and got ready to play.
I had all my termies in reserve for deathwing assault. He placed 2 nec 10 man squads on the board and his hq and immortals. He won placement for control points so both of his nec troops were in range of 2 points. I had 1 point close to my deployment zone. He won the rolls and got to go first. he moved into range of his 2 capture points. i took Belials squad with the chaplain and deepstriked. I got lucky and didnt scatter and landed in a spot 4 inches from his nec squad farthest from his lord. My cyclone term squad came in and luckily didnt scatter and landed in range of my control point. i unloaded with belials squad into the necs in front of them and wounded 3. The cyclone squad shot at his 2nd squad of nec troops but did nothing and the frag missile scattered away from them. Round 2 will be back brought all but 1 nec back and he tried to bring in his monolith and scarabs in but didnt get a good role for reserves. With no mono in he decided to shoot me up. Luckily Belials quad lasted they took about 40 shots and only lost one term. On my turn i got a great roll and got to deepstrike in my last unit. I put them in front of his other troops choice the 10 man squad nearest to his Lord. I scattered but rolled low and only ended up 2 inches away from him. I moved the cyclone squad on top of my objective and moved belials squad towards the farthest nec. squad. Shooting brought about 3 downed necs in the close squad and 2 down necs in the far squad. Now time for the assault Belials squad tore into the far squad and they wreaked havoc. A majority of the squad was gone from belial and the chaplain. He had 3 models left they attempted to attack the terms but didnt get any wounds. The 4 powerfists and thunderhammer punched in and took them out. The nec squad was destroyed and Belials squad claimed that objective. Round 3 will be back brings back 2 necs from the last remaing nec squad. However the monolith deepstrikes in beside my cyclone termies. It doesnt scatter and now I have a Arm14 behemoth sitting at the front door. The scarabs don't get the roll and stay off board. He lays into the termie squad in front of his last nec troops but doesnt manage to kill any. The lords immortals try and kill 1. The mono. gets a ton of shots from a d6 roll but doesnt manage to kill any of my cyclone team. It then lays out a pie plate and manages to wound one term after scatter. Lucky for the 5+ inv save. I survive. My turn, I move Belials team up a little but stay with the objective. I shoot Bels. squad at his lord and immortals. Manage to wound 2. my terms shoot at the nec troops and wound 2. Try and take the monolith with a krak missile from the cyclone but it hits and does nothing with a great 1 roll for pen. Assault time. Belial stays put, hes way out of range. My 4 terms attack his last troop choice and survive his attacks i manage to kill 5. HE passes leadership and were stuck in mortal combat. I charge the mono wiht the cyclone squad. Get some good rolls an manage to immobilise it 2 times and destroy a weapon. woulda been more but the new modifiers suck was rolling at -2 or -1 every time. Round 4, he doesnt move anything but gets the scarabs on the board, his lord squad shoots at belials squad but fails to kill anything YAY for apothecarys. his assault phase necs dont hurt me and i kill all but 2 of the remaining. The mono gets immobilised again. My turn no movement Belials squad shoots at the lord manages to do nothing but luckily the 2 previous wounds 1 failed a will be back. Into assault, termies kill off the last nec troops and i stun and shake the mono. Round 5 He moves his scarabs into assault with belials squad. Scarabs die. We roll for round 6 and get it but with his casualties he ends up phasing out. Win in 5 I was in range of all points and his army was gone.
What did i Learn, Deathwing is awesome but costly. Monoliths are beasts with the new vehicle damage rules. Even witha lascan. I can see them being huge problems. Apothecary + Standard + chaplain in a termy squad is insane. Plus 1 to all attacks, rerolls from litanies and apothecarys wiping a wound, AWESOME!. I'm starting to lean toward DA all the way.

Game 2; 750 points Archangels vs' Necs
Win in 5
I took Shrike (Well my version of shrike)
10 man assault squad
5 man tac
5man tac
dread with assault cannon in pod

2 x 10 man nec squads

I won first roll and got to deploy after setup (we were playing captur again) I got lucky though and ended up getting 2 points close to me. i put my 1st tac squad out and he says done. His whole army was in reserve to deepstrike and come out of the monolith. so i placed the other tac squad as close to the other objective. I infiltrated shrikes team on top of the 3rd ovjective.
Round 1 I move both tacs onto objectives. Drop pod enters and deploys the dread with shrikes team. YAY for running dreadnoughts. I have all 3 points now, 2 scoring and 1 contested. He cant enter in reserve yet.

Round 2 i Stay put he doesnt get the role and still doesnt enter play. Round 3 Same as round 2 he doesn't get the role again and still doesn't enter play. Round 4 I stay put he gets the role and the mono drops ontop of my rear tac squad. Cool mono rule it can land on your guys and they have to move. Which he scatters into me and has to move. Luckily thanks to the doors facing he had to deploy into my troops and ended up losing 1 warrior because he was to close to me. He was also stuck in the door. His Warriors shoot my tac squad an kill 2 marines.
Round 5, My tac squad shoots thewarriors, wounds 1 my other squad shoots the warriors and wounds 1. Shrikes team cant hurt the mono but moves into range for assault. The dread tries for the rendering 6's but fails to get any. I assault the Necrons in the monliths archway with my two marines. manage to wound 1 and my boys survive. WHich saves me cause were stuck in the door so he can't bring out his lord or the other squad. Shrikes squad assaults the monolith and manages to destroy a turret 1 of 4.

We roll off for Round 6 but dont get it. I win claiming 1 objective outright. the dread is contesting 1 and the monolith and warriors are in battle with my 3 tac marines and Shrikes squad on the other.
What did i learn. Monoliths are still beatst, Thats about it, I got really lucky in this game he got bad reserve rolls and his facing prohibited any other necrons coming into play becaues we got stuck in the doorway. I think he learned some tricks though and i'll probably be getting it handed to me next time we play. Looking forward to it.
I also got the camera working took some pics of battle 2. Had some battle 1 pics but they're blurry. Still trying to figure out how to get great shots.
I also took some other pics just of some models that i's gonna post in a slideshow. Just some random pics of my army what i have currenlty finished of all of it.
Think i'll be putting the termies on the painting table and will be getting them redone and finished im liking the deathwing. :)
That's all for today.
Just a sidenote though we played 2 weeks ago and i learned the hardway necs dont go down and stay down. I lost the first game we played that day and won the second by phase out and by claiming 2 of 3 objectives. I fear the Day Lachlan gets some anti assualt necrons (flayed ones shudder)

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