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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some pics of the army

Some pics as promised, not great yet like i said im still learning. These are just some of my army. Got alot more that hasn't been done and some that hasn't seen the camera. Note my first 2 home made drop pods. Getting 6 new ones to replace the 5 home grown. One of my dreads an assault squad, my newest chaplain. My whole done army so far, lot of scouts troops assault teams. Hq table with sgts, hq's, a bike sgt, tech some other stuff, my captains and champion. notice the 2 warmachine guys on the right. Had to get rid of that army wife said pick a game so...i picked THE K, love 40k. anyway hope you like. Comments, pros, cons, critiques,


sovietspace said...

Yikes, I need to get painting if I want to compete with that lot!

A really impressive army, it always looks great when you get that many painted models together.

There are some very interesting conversions in their mate, I especially like the dreadnaught and the winged angels. Very cool.

My favourite models have to be the Scouts though, what a simple idea but it works so well!!

You painting anything at the moment, or taking a rest from all that?

Matt said...

new pics coming in today. Just finished 4 terminators. the old ones. Haven't started the newer model versions yet.

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